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Jiaxin Yang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Aquatic biology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Reproductive biology & Aging biology of rotifera

Educational Background
PhD, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Research Interests
Aquatic biology; Ecotoxicology
Reproductive biology & Aging biology of rotifera

Research Projects
National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No.:31272388/30570260/)

Journal Articles

  • Ye Liang, Kai Ouyang , Xinglan Chen, Yuqi Su  &Jiaxin Yang(*),Life strategy and grazing intensityresponses Brachionuscalyciflorusfed on different concentrationsof microcystin-producing andmicrocystin-free Microcystisaeruginosa,Scientific Reports,2017,7:43127 | DOI: 10.1038/srep43127
  • Wenyi Zhang ,Qichen Jiang,Xiaoqian Liu,Dongmei Pan ,Yuanhao Yang,and Jiaxin Yang(*),The effects of acute ammonia exposure on the immune response of juvenile freshwater prawn Macrobrachiumnipponense .J Crustacean Biol., 2015,35(1), 76-80
  • ShuyuGu, Lian Li, Luxiaoxue Liang, Xuezhou Liu, Kai Ouyang, Jing Li, Jiaxin Yang∗,Spermatozoon of the freshwater rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus(Rotifera, Monogononta): Advances in morphological andultrastructural studies,Micron,2015,76: 6–13
  • Qichen Jiang, Wenyi Zhang, Hongyue Tan, Dongmei Pan, Yuanhao Yang, Qian Ren,Jiaxin Yang(*),Analysis of gene expression changes, caused by exposure to nitrite,in metabolic and antioxidant enzymes in the red claw crayfish,Cheraxquadricarinatus,EcotoxEnveron Safe,2014, 104,423–428
  • Jiaxin Yang(*), Terry W .Snell,Effects of progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen on sexual reproduction of the rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus,Int.Rev.Hydrobiol., 2010,95(6):441-449 
  • Jianghua Yang &Yawen Mu &Siming Dong &Qichen Jiang &Jiaxin Yang(*). Changes in the expression of four heat shock proteins during the aging process in Brachionuscalyciflorus (rotifera).,Cell Stress and Chaperones,2014,19:33-52
  • Jianghua Yang, Siming Dong, Qichen Jiang, Qin Si, Xuezhou Liu, Jiaxin Yang (*),Characterization and expression of cytoplasmic copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (CuZn SOD) gene under temperature and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus,Gene,2013, 518:388–396
  • Jianghua Yang,Siming Dong ,HuanxiZhu,QichenJiang,Jiaxin Yang(*),Molecular and expression analysis of manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD) gene under temperature and starvation stress in rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus,MolBiol Rep.,2013,40:2927-2937
  • Jianghua Yang, Siming Dong, Qichen Jiang, TengjiaoKuang, Wenting Huang, Jiaxin Yang(*). Changes in expression of manganese superoxide dismutase, copper and zinc superoxide dismutase and catalase in Brachionuscalyciflorus during the aging process. Plos ONE,2013,8(2): e57186
  • LinlanLv,Qichen Jiang,Xuejiao Chen, Jiaxin Yang(*).2012.Effects of juvenile hormone andprecocene on the reproductionof Brachionuscalyciflorus,Int. Rev. Hydrobiol. 97 (5):5 435–444
  • Zhenghe Lu, Baokun Zhao, Jiaxin Yang(*) ,Terry W. Snell,Effects ofatrazine and carbaryl on growth and reproduction of the rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus Pallas,J.Freshwater Ecol.,2012,27:4, 527-537
  • RuixinGuo,TerryW.Snell,Jiaxin Yang(*).Ecological strategy of rotifer (Brachionuscalyciflorus) exposed to predator-and competitor-conditioned media,Hydrobiologia, 2011,658:163-171 
  • LinlanLv,TerryW.Snell,Sungen Li, WeigeZu,JiaxinYang(*), et al,Effects of fenitrothion on life history parameters of the rotifer Brachionuscalyciflorus,J.Freshwater Ecol.,2010,4:589-598
  • RuixinGuo,Terry W Snell, Jiaxin Yang(*). Studies of the effect of environmental factors on the rotifer predator-prey system in freshwater,Hydrobiologia , 2010, 655:49-60

Microbial ecology (2004)


  • Jiaxin Yang,One methods for rapid production rotifer and resting eggs of rotiferZL201410750964.8
  • Jiaxin Yang,Jianghua Yang,One methods for extract total DNA and protein from rotifer.ZL201210498996.4
  • Jiaxin Yang,Male body fluorescent staining and sperm in vitro observation of rotifer. ZL 201110315588.6

Academic Title
Director of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Live Food for Fisheries 

Tel: +86-025- 8589757