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Ping Liu Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Molecular mechanism of prostate/colon cancer initiation, progress and metastasis
  • Differences of molecular signaling network in normal, premalignant and tumor cells
  • Investigation of tumor heterogeneity evolution over the course of a patient’s treatment
  • Study on prostate/colon cancer treatment with Chinese Traditional Medicine

Educational Background

B. S.,  1987, Nanjing Normal University, Chemistry

M. A.,  2001, Nanjing Normal University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Ph. D.,  2004, Beijing Normal University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Post-doctoral Research, Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, USA

Research Projects

  • Function and mechanism of cyclin D1-induced inactivation of FOXO1 in prostate cancer metastasis   Chinese National Natural Science Foundation.
  • The molecular mechanism of promoting initiation and metastasis of prostate cancer by PTEN knockdown induced Runx2 activation  Chinese National Natural Science Foundation.

Journal Articles

  • Ping Liu, Timochy Kao, Haojie Huang. Inhibition of the androgen receptor by FOXO1 in response to oxidative stress in prostate cancer cells. Cancer Res. 2008, 68:10290-9.
  • Ping Liu,Timochy Kao, and Haojie Huang. CDK1 promotes cell proliferation and survival via phosphorylation and inhibition of FOXO1 transcription factor. Oncogene, 2008, 27:4733-44.
  • Ping Liu, Jianbo Yang, Jing Pei, Duanqing Pei, Michael J. Wilson. Regulation of MT1-MMP activity by β-catenin in MDCK non-cancer and HT1080 cancer cells. J Cell Physiol. 2010, 225: 810-21.
  • Ping Liu, Michael J. Wilson. miR-520c and miR-373 up-regulate mmp9 expression by targeting mTOR and SIRT1, and then activating Ras/Raf/Erk signaling pathway and NF-кB factor in human fibrosarcoma cells. J Cell Physiol.  2012, 227: 867-76.
  • Gu G, Zhao D, Yin Z, Liu P*. BST-2 binding with cellular MT1-MMP blocks cell growth and migration via decreasing MMP2 activity. J Cell Biochem. 2012, 113:1013-21. 
  • Huarui Lu, Ping Liu, Yunqian Pan and Haojie Huang. Inhibition of Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Phosphorylation of FOXO1 and Prostate Cancer Cell Growth by a Peptide Derived from FOXO1. Neoplasia. 2011, 13: 854–63.
  • Lu Gan, Ping Liu, Huarui Lu, JianboYang,JB Mccarthy, Karen E. Knudsen, and Haojie Huang. Cyclin D1 promotes anchorage-independent cell survival by inhibiting FOXO-mediated anoikis. Cell Death and Differentiation, 2009, 16:1408-17.
  • S Lu, Q Zhu, Y Zhang, W Song, MJ Wilson, P Liu*. Dual-functions of miR-373 and miR-520c by differently regulating the activities of MMP2 and MMP9. J Cell Physiol. 2015, 230:1862-1870.
  • Zhong J, Ding L, Bohrer LR, Pan Y, Liu P, Zhang J, Sebo TJ, Karnes RJ, Tindall DJ, van Deursen J, Huang H. p300 Acetyltransferase Regulates Androgen Receptor Degradation and PTEN-Deficient Prostate Tumorigenesis. Cancer Res. 2014, 74:1870-80.  
  • Ding L, Chen S, Liu P, Pan Y, Zhong J, Regan KM, Wang L, Yu C, Rizzardi T, Cheng L, Zhang J, Schmechel SC, Cheville JC, van Deursen J, Tindall DJ, Huang H. CBP loss cooperates with PTEN haploinsufficiency to drive prostate cancer: implications for epigenetic therapy. Cancer Res. 2014, 74:2050-61.
  • Bohrer LR, Liu P, Zhong J, Pan Y, Angstman J, Brand LJ, Dehm SM, Huang H. FOXO1 binds to the TAU5 motif and inhibits constitutively active androgen receptor splice variants. Prostate. 2013, 73:1017-27.  


<Molecular Biology>  Nanjing Normal University Press, 2007


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