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ShaowuYin Professor

Research Interests: 
  • the genetics breeding of fish
  • physiology of fish

Educational Background

2000-2003: PhD in Hydrobiology at Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou,Guangdong.

1996-1999: MS in Zoology at Hunan Normal University, Changsha,Hunan.

1988-1992: BS in Biology at Hunan Normal University, Changsha,Hunan.

Selected Research Projects

1.Jiangsu Province Aquatic Three New Project,2015-2017,The research on Pelteobagrus fulvidraco(♀) ´Pelteobagrus vachelli(♂) hybrid breeding technology and application.

2.The National Finance Projects of Agro-technical popularization,2015-2017,The whole course service and technology promotion of the special aquatic products of the Yangtze River.

3.NSF of Jiangsu Province of China,2014-1017,Study on the molecular regulation mechanism of Anguilla marmorata in salinitychanges.

4.The Province R&D Program of Jiangsu,2013-2016,Germplasm and breeding of Odontobutis potamophila.

5.Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology Independent Innovation Funds Project of China,2011-2013,Genetic improvement and good varieties breeding of Odontobutis potamophila.

6.The National Natural Science Foundation of China,2010-2012,Study on genetic diversity of germplasm resources of Cheilinus undulatus.

7.The National Natural Science Foundation of China,2008-2010,Study on the gene expression of Anguilla marmorata gonadotropin and its application.

Selected Journal Articles

1.Guosong Zhang, Shaowu Yin*, Jianqiang Mao, Fenfei Lianga, Cheng Zhaoa, Peng   Li,Guoqin Zhou, Shuqiao Chen, Zhonglin Tang. Integrated analysis of mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq in the liver of Pelteobagrus vachelli in response to hypoxia.Scientific Reports. 2016,DOI: 10.1038/srep22907

2.Guosong Zhang, Jianqiang Mao, Fenfei Liang, Cheng Zhao, Shaowu Yina*, Li Wang, Zhonglin Tang, Shuqiao Chen . Modulated expression and enzymatic activities of Darkbarbel catfish, Pelteobagrus vachelli for oxidative stress induced by acute hypoxia and reoxygenation. Chemosphere.2016,151:271-279.

3.Guosong Zhang, Shaowu Yin*,Yayuan Wang,Li Li, Xiaolu Wang,Yandong Ding,Xue Zang,Hongwei Zhang, Yihe Jia,Yali Hu. The effects of water temperature and stocking density on survival, feeding and growth of the juveniles of the hybrid yellow catfish from Pelteobagrus fulvidraco(♀) ´Pelteobagrus vachelli(♂).Aquaculture Research,2015, 1–7.

4.Wang L, Wu ZQ, Wang XL, Ren Q, Zhang GS, Liang FF, Yin SW*. Immune responses of two superoxide dismutases (SODs) after lipopolysaccharide or Aeromonas hydrophila challenge in pufferfish, Takifugu obscurus. Aquaculture, 2016, 459:1-7.

5.Yihe Jia , Shaowu Yin *, Li Li ,Peng Li , Fenfei Liang , Xiaolu Wang , Xiaojun Wang , Li Wang,Xinhua Su. iTRAQ proteomic analysis of salinity acclimation proteins in the gill of tropical marbled eel (Anguilla marmorata). Fish Physiology and Biochemistry,2015,1-12.

6.Xiaolu Wang, Li Wang, Qian Ren, Shaowu Yin *, Fenfei Liang, Yihe Jia.Two superoxide dismutases (SODs) respond to bacterial challenge identified in the marbled eel Anguilla marmorata. Aquaculture, 2016,451:316–325.

7.Li Li , Yihe Jia, Peng Li, Shaowu Yin*, Guosong Zhang, Xiaolu Wang, Yayuan Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Xue Zang, Yandong Ding.Expression and activity of V-H+-ATPase in gill and kidney of Marbled eel, Anguilla marmorata, in response to salinity challenge.Journal of Fish Biology,2015, 87 (1): 28-42.

8.Xiaolu Wang, Danqing Yin, Peng Li, Shaowu Yin*, Li Wang,Yihe Jia, Xinhua Shu. MicroRNA- Sequence Profiling Reveals NovelOsmoregulatory MicroRNA ExpressionPatterns in Catadromous Eel Anguilla marmorata. Plos One, 2015,10(8):1371-1391.

9.L. Li, Y. Jia, P. Li, S. Yin*, G. Zhang, X. Wang, Y. Wang and X. Wang.Molecular cloning, characterization, and expression of vacuolar-type-H+-ATPase B1 (VHAB1) gene in the gill of Anguilla marmorata.Genetic and Molecular Research, 2015, 14 (3): 8008-8020.

10.Xiaolu Wang ,Fang Xu ,Li Li ,Yaping Zhang ,Yandong Ding ,Xue Zang ,Yihe Jia ,Guosong Zhang, Yayuan Wang,Xiaojun Wang, Hongwei Zhang, Shaowu Yin*.Development of 39 novel polymorphic microsatellite markers for the giant mottled eel Anguilla marmorata and cross-amplification in other eel species.Conservation Genetics Resources,2014, 6:865–871.

11.Shijie Zhou(*), Shaowu Yin, James T. Thorson, Anthony D.M. Smith, Michael Fuller.Linking fishing mortality reference points to life history traits: an empirical study. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences,2012,69:1292-1301.

12.X. Y. Hou, F. Zhu, S. W. Yin*, L.J. Zhang, Y. L. Hu, Y.Y. Wang, Y.H. Jia,G.S Zhang, and L. Li. Genetic diversity of Odontobutis potamophila fromdifferent geographic populations inferred from mtDNA control region. Mitochondrial DNA.2014,25(5):400-406
13.FeiZhu,Li-Juan Zhang, Shao-Wu Yin*, Hong-Wei Zhang, Xin-Yuan Hou, Ya-Li Hu, Jian Luo.Genetic diversity and variation in wild populations of dark sleeper (Odontobutis potamophlia) in China inferred with microsatellite markers.Biochemical Systematics and Ecology57 (2014) 40-47.

14.Fenfei Liang,Yayuan Wang, Panfeng Tao, Guosong Zhang, Shaowu Yin*.Molecular characterization and expression analysis of majorhistocompatibility complex class IIA and IIB genes of Odontobutis potamophila.Fisheries Science 2016,DOI 10.1007/s12562-016-0987-7

15.Hongwei Zhang , Long Huan , Shaowu Yin*, Guosong Zhang , Yandong Ding and Xue Zang.SNP-based genetic map for Odontobutis potamophila.Animal Genetics,2016,DOI: 10.1111/age.12471


1. Yin Shaowu ,Wu guangming.The culture technology ofMarble goby [M] .Hainan Press ,2015 ISBN 978-7-5443-4002-1).

2.Yin Shaowu. The scale of breeding and ecological breeding of the ricefield eel [M] . Beijing: China Science and Technology Publishing Press, 2005 (ISBN: 7-5046-4044-1)

3. Yin Shaowu, Chen Guohua, Zhang. Grouper biology research and breeding [M].Beijing : ChinaScience and Technology Press, December 2007 (ISBN:978-7-5046-5137-2).

4.Yin Shaowu. The new aquaculture technology of the ricefield eel [M]. Hainan Sanhuan press, 2009(ISBN:978-7-5443-3029-9)

5.Yin Shaowu, , LinHaoran. The aquaculture technology of Eel [M]. Hainan Sanhuan press, 2009(ISBN:978-7-5443-3030-5)


1.A fast trace detection of TTX by ion in the blood of pufferfish HPLC method(ZL201110317505.7 )

2.A method of artificial induction of gonadal maturation of Anguilla marmorata(ZL201010169556.5)

3.Primer and method for identification of Anguilla marmorata and Anguilla bicolor pacifica eel fry(ZL 201410101871.2)

4.Differential primer and method of Oxyeleotris marmoratus and Odontobutispotamophilafry(ZL201210158195.3)

5.Odontobutispotamophila and Odontobutis yaluensishybridbreeding seedling method(ZL201310197175.1)

6、Primer and method for identification of Odontobutispotamophila, Odontobutis yaluensis and Odontobutis sinensis(ZL201310733535.5)

7.Odontobutis potamophila and Oxyeleotris marmoratus hybrid breeding method(ZL201310731485.7)

8.A method of controlling the early propagation of Odontobutispotamophila(ZL201410103794.4)

9.A method of cultivating system of Odontobutispotamophila directional mating and family selection (ZL201410749395.5)

Honors and Awards

1.The project of “The research and control on “trembling disease”of Eriocheir sinensis from Spiroplasma eriocheiris”was awardedThe Second Science and Technology Award      by Ministry of Agriculture of China in 2015.( the eighth winner)

2.The project of “The novel crustacean pathogen—the research and its control technology of Spiroplasma eriocheiris”was awardedThe firstScience and Technology Award by Jiangsu Province Goverment of China in 2013.( the sixth winner)

3.The project of “The scale breeding technology ofMarble goby and its application ” was awardedThe Third Science and Technology Award by Hainan Province Goverment of China in 2010.( the first winner)

4.The project of “Studies on genetic diversity and germplasm evalution technology of Groupers”was awardedThe firstScience and Technology Award by Hainan Province Goverment of China in 2008.( the first winner)

5.The project of “The research on scale breeding technology ofEpinephelus malabaricus”was awardedThe SecondScience and Technology Award by Hainan Province Goverment of China in 2007.(the third winner)

Academic Title

Professor of Aquaculture,College of Life Science,Nanjing Normal University
Executive Dean of Institute for Agriculture Development of Nanjing Normal University

Contact Details
Office Tel:+86-025-85891840