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Yuru Chen Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Renewable resource utilities: Plant extraction, separation and enzyme bioconversion. Organic waste treatment.
  • Enzyme and micro ecological: Cellulase, Lactic acid and ethanol fermentation, microbe preparation for Environment and feeds, Biosolid treatment by microorganism.

Educational Background

2000. Ph.D., Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Zhejiang University

2005-2006. Visiting Scholar, School of Environment Engineering, Griffith University.

2016-2017. Visiting Scholar, School of Environment Engineering, Griffith University.

Research Projects

  • Study on molecule modify and factor affect by fungi using natural stevioside as material. Key project of natural science of Jiangshu Province (15KJA210002), 2015.
  • Application of polyphenols natural product from Stevia rebaudiana plant resource. (NY-011-2015), 2015.

Journal Articles

  • Chen Yuru, Tang Gang, Q J Yu etc(2009). Biosorption properties of hexavalent chromium on to biomass of tobacco leaf residues[J]. EnvironmentalTechnology, 30(10):1003-1010(SCI).
  • Chen Yuru,Q J Yu et al(2009). Hydrodynamics and Oxygen Mass Trans ferina Flexible Fibre Biofilm Reactor for Wastewater Treatment[J]. Chinese Chemical Engineering Research, 17(5):879-882(SCI).
  • MeiaYanzhen, Chen Yuru, Zhai Ruying, Liu Yang(2013). Cloning purification and biochemical properties of athermostable pectinase from Bacillus halodurans M29[J]. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B:Enzymatic, 94:77-81(SCI).
  • Chen Yuru, Q J Yu, et al(2007). Extraction and HPLC Characterisation of Chlorogenic Acid form Tobacco Residuals[J]. Separation Science and Technology 42:3481-3492(SCI).
  • Zhao Y., LiJ., Chen Yuru, HangH.(2009). Response to oxidative stress of Coriolus versicolor induced by exogenous hydrogen peroxide and paraquat[J]. Annals of Microbiology. 39(2):1-7(SCI).
  • ZhaoY., Wang P. , LiJ., Chen Yuru, et al(2009). The effects of two organic manures on soil properties and crop yields on atemperatecal careous soil under a wheat-maize cropping system[J]. European journal of agronomy. 31(1):36-42(SCI).


Tel: 86-25-85891527