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Zhihui Zhao Professor

Research Interests: 
  • My research interests are in the areas of adhesion molecules which play pivotal roles in many diseases such as sepsis and cancer.
  • I work on the analysis of molecular mechanism underlying endothelial-leukocyte interaction for finding efficient anti-adhesion candidate.
  • A second area of interest is the analysis of signaling pathway mediated by adhesion molecule, especially leukocyte integrin CD11b.
  • A third area of interest is to investigate the function of glycosylation of integrin in ligand-receptor and intra-molecule interaction.

Educational Background

PhD, College of Life Science, Nanjing Normal University (2009)

MMed, The First Military Medical University (1995)

BMed, The Second Military Medical University (1989)

Research Projects

  • Modulation of Some Carbohydrate-Mediated Recognition Events in Cell. National Natural Science of China. 2013104GZ90073 (91213301)
  • Study on the relationship between leukocyte integrin CD11b and the regulation mechanisms of HMGB1 release of HMGB1 in sepsis. National Natural Science of China. 2013104GZ3230 (81273232)
  • Studies on the foudation of new anti-adhesion target and the anti-flammatory mechanism for the lactosyl derivatives. National Natural Science of China. (90713004)

Journal Articles

  • HUITING ZHOU, XUEMEI JI, YUN WU, JU XUAN, ZHILIN QI,LEI SHEN, LEI LAN, QING LI, ZHIMIN YIN, ZHONGJUN LI, ZHIHUI ZHAO*. 2014. A dual-role of Gu-4 in suppressing HMGB1 secretion and blocking HMGB1 pro-inflammatory activity during inflammation. PloS one 9: e89634.
  • LI Q, YAN TT, NIU S, ZHAO YT, MENG XB, ZHAO ZH*AND LI ZJ. 2013. Synthesis of a series of multivalent homo-, and heteroglycosides and their anti-adhesion activities. Carbohydrate research 379: 78-94.
  • YAN T, LI Q, ZHOU H, ZHAO Y, YU S, XU G, YIN Z, LI Z AND ZHAO Z*. 2012. Gu-4 suppresses affinity and avidity modulation of CD11b and improves the outcome of mice with endotoxemia and sepsis. PloS one 7: e30110.
  • FAN J, ZHOU H, WANG S, WANG H, ZHANG Y, GUO Y, LI Q, LI Z AND ZHAO Z*. 2012. Therapeutic effects of lactosyl derivative Gu-4 in a collagen-inducedarthritis rat model. Glycoconjugate journal 29: 305-313.
  • FU J, CHEN D, ZHAO B, ZHAO Z, ZHOU J, XU Y, XIN Y, LIU C, LUO L AND YIN Z. 2012. Luteolin induces carcinoma cell apoptosis through binding Hsp90 to suppress constitutive activation of STAT3. PloS one 7: e49194.
  • KANG J, ZHANG Y, CAO X, FAN J, LI G, WANG Q, DIAO Y, ZHAO Z, LUO L AND YIN Z. 2012. Lycorine inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced iNOS and COX-2 up-regulation in RAW264.7 cells through suppressing P38 and STATs activation and increases the survival rate of mice after LPS challenge. International immunopharmacology 12: 249-256.
  • QING LI , YUETAO, ZHAO, XIANGBAO,MENG, TINGTING,YAN, SHUCHUN,LI, HEQING, HUANG, ZHIHUI, ZHAO*, ZHONGJUN, LI. 2011. Synthesis of two multivalent lactosides with antiadhesive activity and their fluorescein-labeled and biotinlabeled derivatives. Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences. 20:325–334.
  • AI H, SHEN Y, MIN C, PANG S, ZHANG J, ZHANG S AND ZHAO Z. 2011. Molecular structure, expression and bioactivity characterization of TNF13B (BAFF) gene in mefugu, Takifugu obscurus. Fish & shellfish immunology 30: 1265-1274.
  • YAO X, ZHU F, ZHAO Z, LIU C, LUO L AND YIN Z. 2011. Arctigenin enhances chemosensitivity of cancer cells to cisplatin through inhibition of the STAT3 signalingpathway. Journal of cellular biochemistry 112: 2837-2849.
  • YANG Y, YU M, YAN TT, ZHAO ZH, SHA YL AND LI ZJ. 2010. Characterization of multivalent lactose quantum dots and its application in carbohydrate-protein interactions study and cell imaging. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 18: 5234-5240.
  • YANG YANG, YUETAO ZHAO, TINGTING YAN, MIN YU, YINLIN SHA, ZHIHUI ZHAO*, ZHONGJUN LI.2010. Design and fabrication of multivalent gal-containing quantum dots and study of its interactions with a sialo-glycoprotein receptor (ASGP-R), Tetrahedron Lett., 51, 4182-4185.


Tel: +86-025-85661668

Cell phone: 13739189098