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Zhonghua Liu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Fungal physiology: The synthesis, expansion, development and autolysis of fungal cell wall.

Educational Background

PhD, Microbiology, Nanjing Normal University (2013)

BA, Biology, Nanjing Normal University (2007)

Research Projects

  • Purification and characterization of fungus-expansin from Aspergillus niger, Identification, 2014-2017, funded by the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province.

Journal Articles

  • Zhonghua Liu, Xin Niu, Jun Wang, Wenming Zhang, Mingmei Yang, Cuicui Liu, Yuanjing Xiong, Yan Zhao, Siyu Pei, Qin Qin, Yu Zhang, Yuan Yu, Sheng Yuan*, Comparative study of nonautolytic mutant and wild-type strains of Coprinopsis cinerea supports an important role of glucanases in fruiting body autolysis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2015. 63(43): 9609-9614.
  • Xin Niu, Zhonghua Liu, Yajun Zhou, Jun Wang, Wenming Zhang, Sheng Yuan*, Stipe cell wall architecture varies with the stipe elongation of the mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea, Fungal Biology. 2015. 119(10): 946-956。
  • Zhonghua Liu, Rongpeng Li, Qing Dong, Lezhi Bian, Xuesong Li and Sheng Yuan*. Characterization of the non-sexual flocculation of fission yeast cells that results from the deletion of ribosomal protein L32. Yeast. 2015. 2015. 32(5): 439–449.
  • Zhonghua Liu, Yijun Dai*, Yu Huan, Zhenxing Liu, Lei Sun, Qianwen Zhou, Wenjian Zhang, Qi Sang, Hua Wei, Sheng Yuan*. Different utilizable substrates have different effects on cometabolic fate of imidacloprid in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2013. 97(14): 6537-6547.
  • Zhonghua Liu, Yumin Cao, Qianwen Zhou, Kun Guo, Feng Ge, Junyi Hou, Siyi Hu, Sheng Yuan*, Yijun Dai*. Acrylamide biodegradation ability and plant growth-promoting properties of Variovorax boronicumulans CGMCC 4969. Biodegradation. 2013. 24(6): 855-864. 
  • Zhonghua Liu, Yijun Dai, Jueping Ni, Hua Wei, Sheng Yuan*. Pretreatment with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia CGMCC 1.1788 increased the aphicidal activity of imidacloprid. Journal of Pesticide Science. 2013. 38(3-4): 139-143
  • Zhonghua Liu, Yijun Dai, Guodong Huang, Yuyu Gu, Jueping Ni, Hua Wei, Sheng Yuan*. Soil microbial degradation of neonicotinoid insecticides imidacloprid, acetamiprid, thiacloprid and imidaclothiz and its effect on the persistence of bioefficacy against horsebean aphid Aphis craccivora Koch after soil application. Pest Management Science. 2011. 67(10):1245-1252.


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