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Zhou Yang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Zooplankton, Phytoplankton
  • Cyanobacterial blooms,Inducible defense
  • Ecotoxicology, Aquatic ecology

Educational Background

PhD, Aquatic Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2006)

MSc, Zoology, Nanjing Normal University (1999)

BSc, Freshwater Fisheries, Huazhong Agricultural University (1994)

Research Projects

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China: Analysis on trade-off strategies and cost in grazer-induced defenses of Scenedesmus (31470508)
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China: Response of inducible anti-grazing defences in algae to elevation of CO2 level and temperature and its ecological implications (31270504)

Journal Articles

  • Yang Z*, Zhang L, Zhu XX, Wang J, Montagnes DJS*. 2016. An evidence-based framework for predicting the impact of differing autotroph-heterotroph thermal sensitivities on consumer–prey dynamics. ISME Journal 10: 1767–1778. 
  • Yang Z*, Lowe CD, Crowther W, Fenton A, Watts PC, Montagnes DJS*. 2013. Strain-specific functional and numerical responses are required to evaluate impacts on predator–prey dynamics. ISME Journal 7: 405-416. 
  • Lyu K, Meng QG, Zhu XX, Dai DX, Zhang L, Huang Y, Yang Z*. 2016. Changes in iTRAQ-based proteomic profiling of the cladoceran Daphnia magna exposed to microcystin-producing (MP) and microcystin-free (MF) Microcystis aeruginosa. Environmental Science & Technology 50: 4798–4807. 
  • Lyu K, Zhu XX, Wang QQ, Chen YF, Yang Z*. 2013. Copper/zinc-superoxide dismutase from the Cladoceran Daphnia magna: Molecular cloning and expression in response to different acute environmental stressors. Environmental Science & Technology 47: 8887-8893. 
  • Zhu XX, Wang J, Chen QW, Chen G, Huang Y, Yang Z*. 2016. Costs and trade-offs of grazer-induced defenses in Scenedesmus under deficient resource. Scientific Reports 5: 22594. 
  • Zhu XX, Wang J, Lu YC, Chen QW, Yang Z*. 2015. Grazer-induced morphological defense in Scenedesmus obliquus is affected by competition against Microcystis aeruginosa. Scientific Reports 5: 12743. 
  • Zhu XX, Yang JW, Xu N, Chen G, Yang Z*. 2015. Combined effects of nitrogen levels and Daphnia culture filtrate on colony size of Scenedesmus obliquus. Algal Research 9: 94–98. 
  • Huang Y, Nan HH, Zhu XX, Li BP, Zhang Z, Yang Z*. 2016. Waterborne copper impairs grazer-induced colony formation and photosynthetic efficiency in Scenedesmus obliquus. Limnology and Oceanography 61: 625-634. 
  • Zhu XX, Sun YF, Zhang XX, Heng HL, Nan HH, Zhang L, Huang Y*, Yang Z*. 2016. Herbicides interfere with antigrazer defenses in Scenedesmus obliquus. Chemosphere 162: 243-251.
  • Lyu K, Guan HY, Wu CC, Wang XY, Wilson AE, Yang Z*. 2016. Maternal consumption of non-toxic Microcystis by Daphnia magna induces tolerance to toxic Microcystis in offspring. Freshwater Biology 61: 219–228. 
  • Lyu K, Zhang L, Zhu XX, Cui GL, Wilson AE, Yang Z*. 2015. Arginine kinase in the cladoceran Daphnia magna: cDNA sequencing and expression is associated with resistance to toxic Microcystis. Aquatic Toxicology 160: 13-21. 
  • Lyu K, Zhu XX, Chen R, Chen YF, Yang Z*. 2014. Molecular cloning of manganese superoxide dismutase gene in the cladoceran Daphnia magna: Effects of microcystin, nitrite, andcadmium on gene expression profile. Aquatic Toxicology 148: 55– 64. 
  • Sun HJ, Wang WQ, Geng LL, Chen YF, Yang Z*. 2013. In situ studies on growth, oxidative stress responses, and gene expression of juvenile bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) to eutrophic lake water dominated by cyanobacterial blooms. Chemosphere 93: 421-427. 
  • Sun HJ, Lü K, Minter EJA, Chen YF, Yang Z*, Montagnes DJS. 2012. Combined effects of ammonia and microcystin on survival, growth, antioxidant responses, and lipid peroxidation of bighead carp Hypophthalmythys nobilis larvae. Journal of Hazardous Materials 221/222: 213-219. 
  • Yang Z*, Xiang FH, Minter EJA, Lü K, Chen YF, Montagnes DJS. 2011. The interactive effects of microcystin and nitrite on life-history parameters of the cladoceran Daphnia obtusa. Journal of Hazardous Materials 190:113–118. 
  • Yang Z*, Liu Y, Ge J, Wang W, Chen YF, Montagnes DJS. 2010. Aggregate formation and polysaccharide content of Chlorella pyrenoidosa Chick (Chlorophyta) in response to simulated nutrient stress. Bioresource Technology 101: 8336–8341. 
  • Yang Z*, Kong FX, Shi XL, Zhang M, Xing P, Cao HS. 2008. Changes in the morphology and polysaccharide content of Microcystis aeruginosa (Cyanobacteria) during flagellate grazing. Journal of Phycology 44(3): 716-720.
  • Yang Z*, Kong FX*, Shi XL, Cao HS. 2006. Morphological response of Microcystis aeruginosa to grazing by different sorts of zooplankton. Hydrobiologia 563: 225-230.

Academic Title

Fundamental and Applied Limnology,Associate Editor

Frontiers in Physiology,Review Editor