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Academic Events

Dr. Qingguo Meng et al. publish in Chemosphere, “Toxicity of deltamethrin to Eriochier sinensis and isolation of a deltamethrin-degrading bacterium, Paracoccus sp. P-2”

Chinese mitten crab (Eriochier sinensis), commonly known as river crab, is one of most important aquaculture species in China. As the market demand for Eriocheir sinensis is increasing rapidly, and the quality and quantity of cultivation are also concerned. Deltamethrin is widely used in crab culture to remove the ciliates parasites. It is even used to clear ponds and remove rotifers, cladocera and copepods in crab ponds. With the increasing dosage of deltamethrin, it can be accumulated in the environment for a long time as a pollution.


Recently, Chemsphere (SCI Top, impact factor 5.778) online published a research paper by Associate Professor Meng Qingguo and  Gu Wei (link: )In this paper, the toxic effect of deltamethrin on Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis) was identified. A deltamethrin degrading bacterium (Paracoccus) was isolated from the sediment of crab culture pond. The results show that Paracoccus has a very significant degradation effect on deltamethrin. This study has important theoretical significance and practical application value to solve the problem of deltamethrin pesticide residues in the environment and improve the food safety of river crab. Cao Cheng, Xie Xiaojun and fan Weifeng, undergraduate students of 2017 also participated in the research of this paper.