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Academic Events

Online Academic Report: "Requirements of the Development of China’s Aquatic Seed Industry on Data-driven and System Integration"

In the afternoon of May 20, 2020, at the invitation of the School of Marine Science and Engineering, Academician Bao Zhenmin, Professor of Hongguo Lecture of Nanjing Normal University, made an academic report, which was hosted by Professor Yin Shaowu. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the report was conducted online. More than 70 faculties and students listened to the report online.


The title of the report is "Requirements of the Development of China’s Aquatic Seed Industry on Data-driven and System Integration". Starting from four parts: promising aquaculture, green seed industry, trend of breeding technology and new model brought by new technology, Dr. Bao elaborated a series of fundamental questions of aquaculture, such as what is aquaculture? why to develop aquaculture? how to develop aquaculture? What direction aquaculture will eventually go?


Dr. Bao also pointed out that in order to support the high-quality and high-speed development of aquaculture in China, it is necessary to have advanced breeding technology, such as bioinformatics and big data technology, to bring new ideas and models to aquaculture breeding and genetic analysis, and to establish a modern engineering system of aquaculture seed industry. He also stressed in particular that the key to success is to establish a standardized measurement system for important traits. At the end of the lecture, academician Bao borrowed the words of fish breeding scientist Dr. Jay Laurence Lush: "Breeding is a business" to remind the researchers not to forget the original intention of scientific research: scientific research should promote the development of human society, rather than research itself.