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Paper Published in BMC Genomics, Led by Shaowu Yin

Recently, the research group of Porf. Shaowu Yin has successfully cultivated a new state-level aquatic product--hybrid yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus vachelli), "Huangyou 1" (gs-02-001-2018), and revealed the molecular genetic mechanism of its heterosis. Results of research on molecular marker assisted breeding of the male parent were published online in BMC Genomics, under the title of "A high-density SNP based genetic map and multiple economic traits related loci in Pelteobagrus vachelli". The comprehensive impact factor of the journal in five years was 4.093.





Pelteobagrus vachelli is the largest species in the genus Pelteobagrus. Together with Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, the two species have higher economic value. As the male parent of hybrid yellow catfish "Huangyou 1", the research on germplasm improvement of male Pelteobagrus vachelli is obviously lagging behind that of female parent. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the breeding scale of Pelteobagrus vachelli, there are many problems of germplasm degradation, such as poor tolerance to hypoxia and degradation of long traits. These problems have seriously restricted the sustainable development of the breeding industry of Pelteobagrus vachelli.
The study established a high-density SNP genetic linkage map, based on ddRad-SEQ technology, carried out QTL mapping, KASP verification and CAPS markers for traits of hypoxia tolerance, sex and growth, and then verified candidate genes and SNPs loci to analyze the molecular regulatory mechanism of hypoxia tolerance and rapid growth of Pelteobagrus vachelli.
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