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Academic Events

Prof. Lian Bin’s Research on Biotransformation and Carbon Sequestration of Mineral Carbonation Was Published in Algal Research

Recently, Professor Lian Bin's research group has made progress in the  field of mineral carbonation biotransformation and carbon sequestration. "Carbon of heat activated serpentine driven by Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806" was published in algal Research (SCI 2 area, IF = 4.008).


In the study, it was found that the growth and metabolism of Microcystis aeruginosa could drive the magnesium release and carbonation reaction of serpentine. In the solid medium, the carbonation effect of algal cells driving activated serpentine was the most significant at 400°C, and the formation of amorphous magnesium carbonate was induced by algae cells on the surface of serpentine minerals. The results provide a new idea for the effective use of serpentine mineral resources in the fixation of atmospheric CO2, and help to understand the geological and biological process of cyanobacteria driven serpentine carbonation.


Zhang Xiaowen is the first author of the paper and Professor Lian bin is the corresponding author of the paper. The research was supported by the general program of NSFC (No. 41772360). (paper link: