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Academic Events

Prof. Liu Hongyu’s Research on Relationship between Habitat Selection of Endangered Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) and Land Use of Coastal Wetland Was Published in Science of the Total Environment, Land Use Policy, Ecological Indicators

Recently, the research group of Prof. Liu Hongyu, School of Marine Science and Engineering, has made important progress in revealing the relationship between habitat selection of endangered Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) and land use of coastal wetland. Several papers, including “A multiscale approach to identifying spatiotemporal pattern of habitat selection for red-crowned cranes”,“Effects of land use change on the distribution of the wintering red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) in the coastal area of northern Jiangsu Province, China”,“Integrating Maxent model and landscape ecology theory for studying spatiotemporal dynamics of habitat: Suggestions for conservation of endangered Red-crowned crane”, “Diverse usage of water bird habitats and spatial management in Yancheng coastal wetlands”, were published in Science of the Total Environment(if: 6.80), Land Use Policy (if:4.48) and Ecological Indicators (if:4.23), respectively.