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Progress In The Treatment Of Eriocheir sinensis Tremor Disease By The Team of MSE for The National Undergraduate Innovation Training Program

As one of the most devastating diseases in Eriocheir sinensis, tremor disease (TD) is caused by Spiroplasma eriocheiris and dramatically increases the economic losses of crab aquaculture. 

Under the guidance of Professor Meng Qingguo, the national innovation team made up of five undergraduates of the School of Marine Science and Engineering, Cao Cheng, Fan Weifeng, Xie Xiaojun, Huang Yanlan and Cao Zheng, screened out the differential metabolites for the crab tremor disease by using metabonomics technology, and verified that these substances can improve the immunity of river crab to resist the infection of Spiroplasma. This study provides an effective new method for treating crab trembling disease, which can reduce the side effects of traditional antibiotic therapy. Its green cultivation concept and practice are innovative and advanced.

The results of the study were published in the Journal of Aquaculture (SCI top, impact factor 3.224). Cao Cheng, an undergraduate in MSE, was the first author of the paper. This is also the first time sci-top journal paper published by undergraduate students since the establishment of MSE in 2018.

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