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Yufeng Li Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Wetland ecology
  • Water quality
  • Land use and change
  • Geomorphology
  • Hydrology
Research Interests: 
LI YuFeng's experience lies in streams, ponds, and wetlands and is focused on two areas: ecosystem responses to disturbance; hydrology and nutrient transport in watersheds. What unites these lines of research is an emphasis on major changes in the struct

Educational background:

September, 2006-July, 2011, Nanjing Normal University, Ph.D. in Landscape Ecoogy

September, 2002-July, 2006, Taiyuan University of Technology, Bachelor in Physical Geography


Research Projects:

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC: 41871188), The influence mechanism and regulation of hydrological connectivity on hydrological and water quality process of plain irrigation area, 2019-2022, 600,000 (charge)

2. National Natural Science Youth Foundation of China (NSFC: 41401205), Water transport study and pattern optimization for ditch-pond system: a case study in Fengling watershed, 2015-2017, 260,000 (charge)

3. National Natural Science Youth Foundation of Jiangsu Province of China (Grant BK20140921), Hydrological modeling of ditch-pond system in Jiangsu province, 2014-2017, 200,000 (charge)

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC: 31570459), Effects of human activities and Spartina alterniflora invasion on spatial and temporal change of wintering habitat quality for Red Crowned Crane (Grus Japonensis), 2016-2019, 630,000 (co-charge)

5. Key University Science Research Project of Jiangsu Province (12KJB170006), The response of landscape evolution to ecological process: a case study in coastal wetlands of Yancheng, 2012-2015, 30,000 (charge)


Publications (Recent 5 years):

1. Li Yufeng, Liu Hongyu, Liu Junzhi, Lou Cairong, Wang Juan. 2018. Effection of Different Multi-ponds Networks Landscape Structures on Nitrogen Retention Over Agricultural Watersheds. Environmental Science. 39(11): 4999-5006.

2.  Gao Peng-Fei, Li Yu-Feng*, Liu Hong-Yu, Ji Xiang. 2016. Evaluation on the Contribution Capacity of Water Conservation of Pond System: A Case Study of Fengling Watershed[J]. Geography and Geo-Information Science, 32(6): 94-100.

3.  Gao Pengfei, Li Yufeng*, Liu Hongyu, Ji Xiang, Sun Yiming, Li Yuling. 2016. Study of the South Ditch-Pond Wetland Landscape Heterogeneity Based on Micro-Topography——A Case Study of Fengling Watershed[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Natural Science Edition), 39(02): 112-119.

4.  Ji Xiang, Liu Hong-Yu, Li Yu-Feng, Gao Peng-Fei, Sun Yi-Ming, Li Yu-Ling. 2016. Spatial Response of River Water Quality to Watershed Land Use Type and Pattern Under Different Rainfall Intensities[J]. Environmental Science, 37(6): 2101-2112.

5.  Li Yufeng, Liu Hongyu, Gao Pengfei, Ji Xiang. 2016. Agricultural multi-pond systems and their hydrological processes: a review[J]. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 36(9): 2482-2489.

6.  Lou Cairong, Liu Hongyu, Li Yuling, Li Yufeng. 2016. Research on the response of air particles (PM2.5PM10) to landscape structure: A review[J]. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 36(21): 6719-6729.

7.  Sun Yiming, Liu Hongyu, Li Yufeng, Cai Chunxiao, Li Yuling. 2016. Assessment of water environment functions in urban wetlands by using the hydrogeomorphic model: A case study of Nanjing Xianlin[J]. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 36(10): 3032-3041.

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9.  Li Yufeng, Liu Hongyu, Zhang Huabing, Sun Yiming, Li Yuling. 2015. The Study of Landscape Health Based on Landscape Structure and Water Environment: A Case Study of Xixi Wetland Park in Hangzhou[J]. Journal of Natural Resources, 30(05): 761-771.

10.  Li Yufeng, Liu Hongyu, Cai Chunxiao, Li Yuling, Sun Yiming. 2015. The disturbance effect of the surroundings on the water environmental health of urban wetland park: A case study on Xixi Wetland Park, China[J]. Geographical Research, 34(5): 851-860.

11. Liu Hongyu, Li Zhaofu, Li Yufeng, Lin Zhenshan. 2015. Evaluation of sustainable capacity of national wetland park ecological analysis based on constraint and support function[J]. Resources Science, 37(4): 805-814.

12. Zhang Huabing, Liu Hongyu, Li Yufeng. 2015. Temporal and spatial changes of Suaeda salsa marshes by human interventions in Yancheng coastal wetland of East China[J]. Ecological Science, 34(01): 81-86.

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14. Zhang Hua-Bing, Liu Hong-Yu, Li Yu-Feng, Peng Jun. 2014. Research Status and Developing Trends of Landscape Process in Yancheng Coastal Wetlands[J]. Resource Development & Market, 30(10): 1222-1225, 1247.

15. Cai Chun-Xiao, Liu Hong-Yu, Li Yu-Feng, Wang Cong, Hou Ming-Hang. 2014. Research on the Influence of Urban Land Use Structure and Pattern on Nitrogen, Phosphorus of Wetland Water Environment in Xianlin New Town of Nanjing[J]. Environmental Science, 35(8): 2920-2927.

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20. Huabing Zhang, Hongyu Liu, Yufeng Li, Mingxing Hou. 2013. The Coupling Relationship between Soil Eco-Processes and Landscape Evolution under the Natural Conditions in Yancheng Coastal Wetland[J]. Journal of Natural Resources, 28(01): 63-72.

Group membership: 

Member of International Association For Landscape Ecology (IALE)China;

Member of China Society of Natural Resources.



Tel: ( 86 )13776682334