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70 Years of Chinese Ethics

"70 Years of Chinese Ethics" was published and published by Wang Xiaoxi, Professor of Nanjing Normal University, Doctoral Supervisor Honorary Vice President of the Chinese Ethics Society, Chairman of the Professional Committee of Economic Ethics, China Ethics Online News Recently, "70 Years of Chinese Ethics" was published by the Jiangsu people  Published by the company, the book was completed by many well-known ethics experts and scholars led by Professor Wang Xiaoxi.  The work comprehensively and systematically shows the innovative ideas, the most controversial theoretical topics and the most representative academic literature in the development of ethics in the 70 years of New China; it briefly and in-depth reviews of the research on ethics in New China  History and overview, academic path and theoretical achievements.  It not only systematically describes the discipline system, research methods and the essence and function of ethics, but also comprehensively combs and analyzes the research results of many branch disciplines of ethics. It is the 70 years since the founding of New China.  , A systematic summary of Chinese ethics research.

  "70 Years of Chinese Ethics" includes ethics discipline system, ethics discipline methods, moral essence, moral function, applied ethics, economic ethics, corporate ethics, management ethics, labor ethics, financial ethics, rural ethics, environmental ethics, sports ethics  , Political ethics, administrative ethics, technological ethics, educational ethics, legal ethics, bioethics, religious ethics, sex and marriage and family ethics, media ethics, network ethics, military ethics, art ethics, literary ethics, Chinese traditional ethics, Western ethics  Thoughts, Marxist ethics and other chapters present a "hologram" of the 70-year development of Chinese ethics, which is a valuable reference book for studying and studying new Chinese ethics.

     According to Professor Wang Xiaoxi, editor-in-chief of "70 Years of Chinese Ethics", "70 Years of Chinese Ethics" is based on the "60 Years of Chinese Ethics" written by his academic team in 2009.  It is the latest achievement of theoretical research, trying to comprehensively, systematically and creatively summarize and comment on the development course and achievements of China ’s 70 years of ethics, and do its best to achieve “mirror-type” display, in order to benefit academic colleagues and even readers  70 years of overall grasp and understanding of ethics development.  This book is an important work for the 70th anniversary of New China.

   "Main Reference Bibliography" is attached at the end of "70 Years of Chinese Ethics". Readers can also use this bibliography to comprehensively grasp and understand the development history of new China's ethics and the current academic development trend of ethics.