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Academic Events

Course Preparation Sessions of Outline of Chinese Modern History

On the afternoon of March 3, the Ministry of Teaching and Research on the Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History held the first collective lesson preparation meeting for the new semester.The meeting was presided over by Mr. Zhai Hongfeng, Director of the Department of Teaching and Research, and attended by President Wang Gang, Mr. Wang Yue, Mr. Zhu Xiaoling and other teachers who undertook the teaching task of "outline of Modern Chinese History" this semester.The meeting adopted the combination of online and offline, because of special reasons, teachers who can not attend the meeting online. At the meeting, Mr. Zhai reported on the teaching plan, basic requirements and points for attention of the "outline" course this semester. President Wang Gang shared with you his practice and experience in teaching this course.The focus of the meeting was to discuss how to integrate the Party's 19th CPC National Congress and the basic spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Party History Learning and Education Mobilization Conference in the teaching of the "outline" course.This collective lesson preparation meeting officially sounded this semester a new round of "outline" class teaching horn.