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Academic Events

Good news: Teacher Wang Lei of our college won the special prize of ideological and Political Group

21 solstice in August 23, 2020, the federation of trade unions, human resources and social security department of jiangsu province, jiangsu province education department, the communist youth league, jiangsu provincial party committee jointly organized by jiangsu education undertaken by the union of science and technology and nanjing university of the third session of undergraduate course colleges and universities in jiangsu province of the young teachers teaching competition and the fifth session of the national undergraduate college young teachers teaching competition competition held in nanjing university, from 52 universities in the province 139 contestants took part in the teaching competition. Our teacher Wang Lei won the special prize of ideological and political group, and won the honorary titles of "Jiangsu Province May 1 Innovation Expert" and "Jiangsu Province Technology Expert" awarded by Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Sciences, and applied for the titles of "Jiangsu Province May 1 Labor Medal" and "Jiangsu Province Youth Post Expert" according to the conditions and procedures.


Next, Mr. Wang Lei and four grand winners from other groups will participate in the 5th National Young Teachers' Teaching Competition in Nanjing in late October on behalf of our province.


The competition has been highly valued by school and college leaders. In order to do a good job in the selection of contestants, the university trade union and the Academic Affairs Office carefully selected the preliminary list based on the results of previous young teachers' teaching competitions and the growth of young teachers in the whole school, and solicited the opinions of the party and government leaders of the college and the wishes of the teachers themselves, and then convened a trade union committee to determine the list of contestants. The school immediately set up a competition working group, organized the competition team and expert guidance group, hired famous teachers and experts to give specific guidance to contestants, and carried out systematic training and other work. The university trade union, the academic Affairs Office and the college made concerted efforts and worked closely with each other to successfully complete the phased tasks of course design, teaching plan writing for 20 class hours, competition material organization, centralized training and expert guidance.


It is reported that this is the first time for our school to organize contestants to participate in the competition. In the next step, the college will further summarize the experience, continue to enhance the teaching ability of young teachers, provide a broader platform for the growth of young teachers, and strive to build a team of high-quality teachers with noble ethics and superb professional skills, so as to promote the education and teaching career of the college to a new level.