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Academic Events

Good news: the four teachers in Marxism College have been selected as the best theoretical results of the Jiangsu province in 2016.

In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the theoretical workers, produce high-quality and influential theoretical achievements, According to document spirit of Construct the ideological and cultural construction highland three-year action plan2016-2018)、The management method of "four major platforms" for the construction of theoretical work、The reward methods of Jiangsu's excellent theoretical achievements and the main points of publicity and ideological work of the province in 2017、the key points of the construction work of the social science department in 2017,through the selection and declaration of experts,report to the ministry of propaganda of the provincial party committee for approval,decided to commend the outstanding theoretical achievements.

Wang Yonggui, Tang Jianlong, Wang Gang, and Hong Guangdong 4 teachers were selected.Congratulations to the four teachers who have been honored!