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Heading: Teaching || Storytelling: An Important Presentation of Ideological and Political Education

Text: on March 19,2021, at 14:00 pm, The Professor's Lecture Hall, sponsored by the Marxism College of Nanjing Normal University, was successfully held in Xingmin Building 542. The theme of this lecture, which was taught by Professor. Dai Yuqi, Vice Dean of the School of Marxism of Zhejiang University, is 'Storytelling: An Important Presentation of Ideological and Political Education '. Professor Li Qianjin, Party Secretary of Marxism College of Nanjing normal University held the lecture. Some undergraduates from our academy attend the lecture, too.


At the beginning of the lecture, Professor. Dai Yuqi briefly introduced the long history of Zhejiang University to us, which makes students have a further understanding of Zhejiang University Marxism College. Then, he told the important presentation of ideological and political education around four aspects: why it is necessary, how is that possible, how to present and how to optimize.


First of all, Professor. Dai pointed out in the aspect of 'why it is necessary' that globalization should bring multiple discourse intertwined, Internet era caused network discourse to highlight, ideological and political education in practice is faced with the dilemma of ‘unable to speak with groups, unable to speak, and pushed back ‘.


Secondly, in the aspect of ‘how to be possible‘, Professor. Dai told that ideological and political education should attach importance to the compatibility of emotional penetration, tell stories with side events, familiar things, describe specific situations, restore history, restore the scene, and so on, so as to achieve the effect of 'diving into the night with the wind' effect. Later, he told the two key parts of the story, the elements of which includes characters, situations and so on, in 'how to present '—— the story and the narration.

Finally, in the aspect of 'how that is optimize', Professor. Dai told that we should pay attention to three combinations in the propaganda and education of Marxist theory, namely, the combination of popularization and science and chemistry, the combination of macro narration and micro narration, and the combination of story presupposition and generative effect.

This lecture not only teaches students how to better spread ideas and tells ideological and political stories in the future ideological and political education work, but also makes students feel the charm of ideological and political education. This issue of the 'Professor's Lecture Hall' has successfully concluded so far.


Copy: Huang Siqi

Photo: Bai Xinyu