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Academic Events

Heart Station 1901 Psychological Class of "Sickness" was Held

During the epidemic, I do not know how well you understand the epidemic? In the past few days, a special psychological seminar was organized by the Academy of Horses to bring you the most comprehensive and detailed introduction of epidemic-related knowledge.

The first is the basic epidemic knowledge brought by students Wang Jiajia and Liu Shixu. They carefully introduced the infectivity and latency of the new coronavirus, the route of transmission, and the clinical manifestations of the patients. This has deepened the students' understanding of the new coronavirus.

Later, Wang Yuxuan showed a comparison of the epidemic situation at home and abroad. As you can see from the Chinese students, Chinas control of the epidemic is very rapid and successful, which is inseparable from the superiority of our socialist system.

Wang Xinyu further brought about the progress of the epidemic. The official report made everyone aware of the gradually improving epidemic situation in my country. I believe that after the spring, students can join hands in the bright summer.

Bao Zhiye started with the life of the students and gave warm advice. He introduced to you some measures taken by the school after returning to school, and reminded everyone to keep in mind the things that need attention in daily life. Among them, there are warnings about the entrance of the campus, as well as precautions about the canteen and dormitory, as well as suggestions for small friends to go to the library. After all, precautions are daily.

The friends of the stables undoubtedly have extremely strong humane care capabilities. These days, everyone is worried about the epidemic, sad, and tossing and turning. Shi Mengyuan gave the students knowledge about psychological adjustment after returning to school. Everyone must believe in themselves, the school, the country, hope, and smile for tomorrow.

Finally, the sharing of three enthusiastic citizens, Xiao Huang, Xiao Li and Xiao Xu. Their sharing, the mild breeze, the intoxicating night scene, and the fireworks in life are all happy. Let everyone end this 9th-level ideological and political class of Class I in the joy of sharing. Thank you for your contributions to this event!