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Academic Events

iangsu Province 2017 undergraduate colleges ideological and political theory course young teachers teaching ability to enhance the skills classes held successfully

In order to strengthen the construction of teachers' team of ideological and political 

theory in colleges and universities, the teaching ability and scientific research ability  

are improved by the Department of Education of Jiangsu Province, and the ideological and 

political theory of Jiangsu Province in 2017, organized by Marxist Institute of Nanjing 

Normal University. The training ceremony for the teaching of young teachers was held in the 

afternoon of May 31. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education Department of Social 

Affairs Wang Wei, Nanjing Normal University, deputy secretary of the party committee 

Professor Wang Jian, Jiangsu Province, director of teacher training center Professor Ye 

Zhong and Professor of Marxist Dean Wang Gang attended the ceremony, the Marxist Academy 

Party Secretary Sun Yingguang Professors presided over the opening ceremony,  44 

ideological and political theory teachers from Jiangsu Province undergraduate colleges to 

participate in the training.
    Wang Jian,the deputy secretary of the party committee ,first on behalf of Nanjing 

Normal University to participate in all the training staff warmly welcome, on the "how good 

ideological and political theory course", professor Wang said that the ideological and 

political theory of quality is more important than the quantity, Thus he gave a deeper 

affirmation of the importance of ideological and political theory teaching.
    Dean Wang Gang made a brief introduction to the basic situation of the Marxist Academy 

and the curriculum of the training. First of all, he gave a brief introductionfrom the 

college history, discipline construction, teaching staff, ideological and political 

teaching reform and commitment to social services in five aspects of the basic situation of 

the college . Secondly, he did a detailed description of the situation for the training 

    Zhang Jing of Hehai University speak as the participants of this training .Wang Wei, 

director of the South Division fully affirmed the importance of this training.
    The training courses, making the full use of experts teaching, exchange seminars, 

questioning and other method, according to determine the certain theme, hire relevant 

experts lectures; students and experts to have equal exchange and interaction; students 

teaching and research work found some new problems.