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Academic Events

Marxism College of Nanjing Normal University Carries out Special Research and Study Activities

Recently, the college of Marxism at Nanjing Normal University held a summer research activity that Remain true the original aspiration and keep our mission in mind. This special academic activities by the ministry of education of the ideological and political theory course teachers training base——Daqing Normal University college of Marxism, through the special report, the scene teaching, interviews and passion in a variety of ways to know the history and spiritual heritage of Daqing spirit, the spirit of iron man, the Great Northern Wilderness spirit and the spirit of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Union.

Special reports include Heilongjiang Economic and Industrial Structure Issues by professor He Xiugui of the party school of Heilongjiang provincial party committee, The Spirit of Model Workers, the Spirit of Craftsmen and the Professional Spirit by professor Ma Jifen, dean of Marxism college of Daqing Normal University, and the course of How to Speak Good Thoughts and Politics by professor Gong Rumin of Marxism college of Harbin Institute of Technology, etc.

In the course of on-site teaching, through investigating the urban planning of Daqing, SongJi mitsui, Wang Jinxi memorial hall of iron man, a well of iron man, the Beidahuang museum, the museum of Northeast resistance union and the exhibition hall of evidence of crimes of the 73rd to invade Japanese army, the spiritual aspect of Northeast China, especially Heilongjiang province and Daqing city, was comprehensively demonstrated. In terms of passionate teaching, professor Wang Yonghua from Daqing normal university gave a lecture. Through the passionate teaching of songs such as "I offer oil for the motherland", "looking at Beijing with deep feeling", "Stepping on the iron man's footsteps" and "Offer oil for the motherland", we realized the patriotic spirit of the oil workers. During the study period, the most impressive thing was the interview teaching of old man Sun Baofan, author of the biography of iron man. At the scene, teacher Sun told us touching stories about iron man Wang Jinxi, many teachers left tears in the process of listening.

After a week-long training, rich contents, various forms of practice to take part in the training of the teachers by education, by all accounts, in the later work to learn "iron man spirit", the firm ideal faith,  Remain true the original aspiration and keep our mission in mindapply the learning to the teaching and research work of ideological and political course in colleges and universities to develop new ideas and new situation of ideological and political course teaching.