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Marxist theory postdoctoral mobile station Chen yali successfully completed the postdoctoral outbound report defense meeting

At 2:30 p.m. on November 13, 2019, Chen yali, postdoctoral mobile station of marxist theory, held the defense meeting on her outbound report at room 508, hangmin building.Chen yali's outbound report is entitled "research on strengthening the construction of intra-party political culture in the new era".The assessment team for the defense of the postdoctoral outbound report was composed of professor liu huaiyu of nanjing university (leader of the assessment team), professor li junkui of nanjing university of science and technology, professor yu min, professor zhang zhen and professor meng xianping of nanjing normal university.The outbound report defense meeting was chaired by professor liu huaiyu, leader of the assessment team.


At the defense meeting of the outbound report,Allie, a postdoctoral fellow at first from the introduction, expatiates the research background and research significance, literature review, research ideas and methods, research, innovation and deficiency), outbound report text content (the first chapter related overview of the construction of the party's political culture, the second chapter of the construction of the new era party political culture generation logic, the third chapter of the construction of the new era party political culture history of the construction of the new era, the fourth chapter the party political culture development present situation, the fifth chapter pushing the construction of the new era of party political culture strategy) and during station in nanjing normal university for the first unit of scientific research report, etc.Then the experts of the assessment team commented on his outbound report, believing that the topic selection was of great significance, with both historical value and practical significance.On the whole clear thinking, induction ability is strong.And put forward some questions to ask Chen yali postdoctoral answer, to the experts put forward the question Chen yali postdoctoral give clear answer.At the same time, experts also put forward some practical opinions and Suggestions.Dr. Chen yali accepted the valuable Suggestions and opinions of the experts in the evaluation group humbly, and expressed that she would take the questions raised by experts seriously in the future work process and strive for better research results.


Finally, the assessment team members integrated post-doctoral research results during the station that the outbound report topic is meaningful, serious attitude, logical thinking is clear.Unanimously passed the outbound report of Chen yali postdoctoral, and evaluated him during the station, agreed that the assessment results are good.I hope she will further her research