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Academic Events

My Academic Way - How to Learn Marxism" was a complete success

    On the evening of April 10th, the Graduate School of Marxist College held a third "Horizon Forum" academic lecture event at Room 536, Xingmin Building, Xianlin Campus. This forum invited the teacher of the Marxist School Professor Wang Yue, Wang Yue teacher around the "my academic road - how to learn Marxism" launched a guiding discussion. He shared with us the study of Marxist experience and sentiment, words and deeds, with his study, work experience and the establishment and strengthening of the process of Marxist faith presented a wonderful academic lectures for us.
   On how to learn Marxism,Professor Wang Yue mentioned four points: Firstly, read the original column. Reading the original is not the establishment of the system of faith, but to open a window, and we can see the beautiful scenery outside the window. Secondly, from approaching Marx to enter Marx, reading the original work to understand the background of the times, the author's personality thinking and other characteristics. Thirdly, there must be a sense of problem, each field has a different "magic", with a problem to find their own "magic". Finally, to have the courage to express their views, to speak to other people , through the exchange, the Knowledge can be used for me to become a real wisdom.
   This forum had a multi-level exchange around the "my academic path - how to learn Marxism" topic , and the students benefited a lot.The students were deeply impressed by Professor Wang Yue's personality charm, and the lecture was a complete success.