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Academic Events

Our college successfully held the special session of "Situation and Policy" (the seventh session) for the training of ideological and political teachers in colleges and universities in the fall of 2020


On August 29, solstice 31, the three-day "situation and policy" autumn semester training for key teachers in jiangsu province was successfully completed. The training was sponsored by jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Jiangsu Provincial Sub-teaching Steering Committee on "Situation and Policy" and "Contemporary World Economy and Politics" (hereinafter referred to as "Sub-teaching Steering Committee") and undertaken by College of Marxism, Nanjing Normal University. More than 120 teachers from over 100 colleges and universities in the province participated in the on-site training.


This training in jinping general secretary in school ideological and political theory course teacher symposium's important speech spirit as the leading, according to the latest notice requirements related to the Ministry of Education, arranged the study history of "four", a firm belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics ", "xi about governance governance (third volume) and general secretary of the jinping education important notes" tutoring, autumn teaching project at the same time, arranged for the crucial experience China out of poverty and the meaning of the world "project demonstration teaching," the current situation in the Middle East and the evolution of "seminar, and watched the first situation and policy education teaching demonstration teaching show prize winner, It aims to guide teachers to infect students with noble personality, inspire students with the power of truth, and win students with profound theoretical foundation.


Sub-teaching Steering Committee since it was established in April 2020, refers to the commission for "lesson" situation and policy "to be" true love, lifelong benefit program as the goal, in view of the specialty of the lesson "situation and policy", in the teaching, teaching material and teaching resource construction, in the teacher training, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching show positive work, in the lesson "situation and policy" in the provincial universities specification construction has played a good demonstration and guidance role.