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Academic Events

Our college won 4 award of the 14th Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award

Recently, Jiangsu Province, the fourteenth Philosophical Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award was officially announced. <New Changes in the Field of Ideology and Adherence to the Guidance of Marxism">(book) written by Professor Wang Yonggui, <The Classic Writer of the Oriental Society and the Important Works of the Social Development of the Backward Countries> written by Professor Yu Liangzao and Associate Professor Xu Qin won the first award, <Ethical and Unethical Ethics - Decoding the Ethic-Morality of Modern Society (Professor) > written by Professor Zhang Zhidan won the second award; <Moral Capital Study> (book) written by he "Moral and Ethical Morality" of Professor Wang Xiaoxi.Paradox "(paper) won the third prize. I would like to congratulate the award-winning teachers!