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Academic Events

Professor Gu Hailiang, Director of the Instructional Committee of Ideological and Political Theory Course of University, came to our school for guidance

September 26, 2016, invited by the school of marxism studies, the National People's Congress of Education, Culture and Health Committee, the Ministry of Education, deputy director of the Social Science Committee, director of the College Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Steering Committee, Ministry of Education, "Ma Engineering" assessment director Professor Gu Hailiang visit Our institute guided the work and attended the symposium. Professor Wang Jian, vice secretary of Party committee of our school, vice president of Professor Fu Kangsheng attended the forum and delivered a speech, the college party and government leaders, professor representatives also attended the forum. The symposium was chaired by Professor Wang Yue, Dean of the Marxist Academy.

Vice President Fu Kangsheng first on behalf of the school party committee and the administration to extend a warm welcome to Professor Gu Hailiang for his guidance, and conveyed the school party secretary and principal greetings. He briefly reviewed the history, general situation and characteristics of our university over the past one hundred years, and expounded the strengthening of the construction of the Marxist college in recent years. Dean Wang Yue reported the overall situation on the historical development, subject characteristics, faculty, development planning and construction of the Institute .

After listening to the report, Professor Gu Hailiang  give full recognition of the achievements that our institute have got, and  put forward new hope of the future construction and development of Marxist College , one is that the college can use the national construction "double" The second is the hope that the College can continue to deepen the ideological and political theory courses in college network teaching reform; Third, colleges can take advantage of the state of philosophy and social sciences a good time to introduce a group of national As well as the international impact of the new results.

Finally, Wang Jian, deputy secretary pointed out that Marxist College is now facing a good opportunity for development, we should seize this opportunity to strengthen the construction of our institute, focusing on Marx Discipline construction, ideological and political education teaching work and teacher team building. Besides,under the guidance of well-known experts at home and abroad, we can continue to achieve new results