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Academic Events

Professor Guo Fengzhi from Northeast Normal University is the guest of the 38th issue of Zhengde Forum


On the afternoon of May 28, 2019, the 38th Zhengde Forum, hosted by the Marxist College of Nanjing Normal University, was successfully held in the 405 of the Minmin Building. The theme of this lecture is “Deeply Understanding the Strategic Implications of Cultural Confidence Thoughts”, which is taught by the second-level professor of the Marxist School of Northeast Normal University, the doctoral tutor, and the teaching expert of the “National Training Program” of the Ministry of Education, Professor Guo Fengzhi, a doctoral student at the Marxist College. The instructor and the “Changjiang Scholar” Professor Wang Yonggui of the Ministry of Education presided over the lecture, and nearly 100 master students from our school attended the hearing.

  Professor Wang Yonggui gave a brief introduction to Professor Guo Fengzhi and welcomed Professor Guo’s busy schedule to be a guest. Professor Guo Fengzhi expressed his gratitude to the college for its kind invitation and support, and gave us wonderful lectures from the two aspects of "deep understanding of the strategic implications of cultural self-confidence thinking" and graduate students' reading.

  First of all, Professor Guo clarified the background of "cultural self-confidence" from the general framework of the Chinese national rejuvenation, emphasizing that cognitive culture should be a nation, a country and a political party in the context of a large historical view, a broad vision, and a large pattern. The cultural value is fully affirmed and actively practiced, and has a firm confidence in the vitality of its culture. Secondly, Professor Guo explained the cultural mission contained in the cultural self-confidence thought from three aspects with detailed cases and vivid language. First, the fundamental mission of cultural self-confidence is to confirm the "spiritual self" of the independence of the Chinese nation; second, cultural self-confidence carries the national strategic expectation of constructing the "new state of Chinese civilization"; third, the cultural self-confidence carries the continuation of development of China. The strategic appeal of national excellent culture.

  After that, Professor Guo combined his many years of teaching and research practice, using humorous and philosophical language, from the comparison of cultural phenomena at home and abroad, personal experience of many academic exchanges, etc., how we discovered and established goals during our study. The problem. Encourage us to adhere to the classics and the principles of enlightenment, in order to master the skills of the house, and to enhance our theoretical literacy and knowledge from a higher level.

  Finally, the lecture entered the interactive session. The students enthusiastically spoke, and Professor Guo gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the students. The students at the scene said that Professor Guo's report has a broad academic vision and accurate analysis. It is a great inspiration for us to better grasp cultural confidence and establish the direction of life. This lecture ended in a warm applause and cheerful atmosphere.