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Academic Events

Professor Song Jin of East China Normal University came to my school lectures

In the afternoon of November 12, 2016, Professor Song Jin, a doctoral tutor of East China Normal University, a member of the Marxist Theory Discipline Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, a Marxist theory major of the Ministry of Education and a member of the Steering Committee of the Ideological and Political Theory Course came to our institute teacher lectures. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Wang Gang, Vice President of Marxism College.

Professor Song Jin expounded many problems and research methods of Marxist theory from four aspects: the problem consciousness, the growth point, the research method and the innovation horizon under the name of "the problem and method: the study of Marxist theory". He suggested that the current study of Marxist theory should pay attention to the theory, , the behavior ,  people,  the ancient, ,  the negative, and the dynamic and so on. At the same time he stressed the Marxist theory of disciplinary research must adhere to the integration of disciplines, multidimensional horizons, the researchers should have a vision of the world, the Chinese feelings. Finally, Professor Song Jin earnestly hoped that the teachers and students of the Marxist College will carry out relevant research under the guidance of the correct theory and method, and can achieve the desired results.

The whole lecture, Professor Song Jin used  broad research vision, a unique theoretical interpretation, profound academic vision to bring a Marxist theory of research issues and methods of academic feast for the teachers and students of our institute.