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Academic Events

Professor Wang Yonggui's works won the 8th Outstanding Achievement Award for Scientific Research in Higher Education(Humanities and Social Sciences) First Prize

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued "on the eighth of higher school science outstanding achievement (humanities and social science) the decision of the reward" (teach social science [2020] no. 4), in accordance with the "best achievement of scientific research institutions of higher learning (humanities and social science) rewards method", the expert review, and the social public and the Ministry of Education approval, awards committee has been verified, the award-winning results released.Professor Wang Yonggui's book "Research on New Changes in the Field of Ideology and Uphold the Guiding Status of Marxism" won the first prize in the category of works and papers, which realized a major breakthrough in the scientific research awards of our college.



Professor Wang Yonggui's book Research on the New Changes in the Field of Ideology and the Uphold the Guiding Status of Marxism is discussed through "the close combination of the two".On the basis of a profound analysis of the profound connotation, historical position and times value of the guiding position of Marxism, the first part of the paper illustrates the advanced, scientific and leading nature of adhering to and consolidating the guiding position of Marxism by closely related to the development and innovation of China's mainstream ideology in recent years, especially since the 18th CPC National Congress.The second part is based on theoretical research and social research, in-depth analysis of the current China's new changes in the field of ideology, new changes in the social trend of thought, new changes in the field of culture, new changes in the network media.On this basis, the author puts forward some strategies and countermeasures to strengthen the construction of mainstream ideology and maintain the security of national ideology, which further expands the new field of study on the construction of ideology.



The Ministry of Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) is the highest social science achievement award in China, which is awarded twice every five years.A total of 1,539 achievements were awarded, including 1,241 works and papers, including 152 first prizes;77 consulting service report awards, including 10 first prizes;20 awards for popular reading;201 Youth Achievement Awards.