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Academic Events

Professor Wangshuying from Beijing normal university is the guest of the 39th issue of Zhengde Forum

On the morning of June 17, 2019, the 39th session of "zhengde rostrum" -- "never forget the beginning, keep the mission in mind" was successfully held in the minlou 540. This lecture sponsored by the institute of nanjing normal university marxism, our outstanding alumni, the class of 1984 outstanding graduates, marxism, dean of the school of Beijing normal university, doctoral supervisor, the party's 19 big king spirit XuanJiangTuan members shade professors lecture, marxism dean professor, PhD supervisor, wang gang, college party committee secretary qian-jin li, college professor Liu Yunlin teacher and doctor, master graduate student to be present to listen.


Professor wang gang made a brief introduction to professor wang shaye, and welcomed professor wang to attend the 2019 graduate graduation send-off party and visit zhengde rostrum in our college. Professor wang shayu expressed his gratitude to his Alma mater and thanked the college for its kind invitation and support.

In the lecture, professor wang, with profound theoretical knowledge and detailed social examples, comprehensively, systematically and deeply interpreted the important propositions contained in the report of the 19th CPC national congress from three dimensions: "what is the initial intention and mission of the CPC", "why should we emphasize the initial intention and mission" and "how to keep the initial intention in mind".

First of all, by reviewing the modern history of China and the history of the party, professor wang shayu sorted out the development of "never forget the original heart" and pointed out that the original heart of Chinese communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. In the course of the party's century-long struggle to lead revolution, construction and reform, and in the theoretical system built by the party, this initial aspiration has never changed. Secondly, professor wang discusses the necessity of emphasizing the beginner's mind from three aspects: first, the beginner's mind is scientific, because marxism reveals the objective law of human development; Second, the CPC's initial aspiration was a success. Under the guidance of marxism, the CPC has made three great leaps forward in the founding of new China, the establishment of the socialist system, and reform and opening up. Third, some party members have forgotten their "original intentions" and are faced with the "four tests", "four dangers" and other prominent problems. Finally, in response to the problem of "what to do", professor wang shaye stressed that we should stick to the combination of lofty ideals and common ideals, and strive to achieve the good results of the "relay race" of reform and development in the new era. We should combine the theoretical basis with the class basis, uphold the value, scientificity, predictability, effectiveness and usefulness of marxist theories, and serve the people. We will adhere to the combination of political red lines and moral bottom lines, and uphold the political responsibilities entrusted to us by the party and the people, our political lifeline, and our correct values of life.

End of the lecture, professor wang gang to professor wang's lecture gave high evaluation, points out that professor wang's lecture shows strong question consciousness, strict logic and abundant historical materials, support for graduate comprehensive grasp the party's core and spiritual essence of 19 major implications, grasp the beginner's mind the mission of the Chinese communists, in particular, has played a very good coach, deepening effect. The present students also expressed that professor wang's report has a broad academic vision, simple and precise analysis, which inspired them a lot. The lecture ended in warm applause and cheerful atmosphere.

During this activity, the present students have a deeper understanding of the connotation and significance of keeping in mind their original intention and keeping in mind their mission. They will combine the lofty ideal of communism with their feet on the ground, and consciously guide their studies with the stand, viewpoint and method of marxism and xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. The model power of outstanding alumni will encourage the students of our college to constantly expand themselves in the field of marxist research, and guide the direction of future scientific research growth.