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Academic Events

Professor Zhang Zhidan won the 13th batch of high-level personnel training and financing of Jiangsu Province's "Six Talents Peak" of Jiangsu Province

Organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security led the organization of Jiangsu Province, "six talent peak" high-level talent project, after individual applications, school review and recommendation, the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and other experts , The final results of the review announced in 2016 October. Among them, Professor Zhang Zhidan of our institute undertook the project of "Innovating the Teaching Mode of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities of Jiangsu Province by Using the Network Teaching Platform - Obtaining the Project Subsidy Based on the Perspective of the Construction of Provincial Demonstrative Marxist College". At this point, there are three people (Wang Yonggui, Wang Gang, Zhang Zhidan) in our institute accessible to Jiangsu Province "Six Talents Program (education)",which reflects the strong strength of our hospital research.


Jiangsu Province, the "six talent peak" high-level talent project is the provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission , the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Housing Department, the Provincial Agricultural Commission, the provincial health department six departments in electronic information, education, construction, agriculture, medicine and health, to cultivate and introduce a group of high-level talent needed in the development of the industry, to build talent highland in the new century, and to promote the rapid development of important industries in Jiangsu Province.