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Academic Events

Professor Zhu Jidong and Professor Zhu Xiaoling visit our college "Zhengde Forum" and "Admission Education Series Lecture"


September 18,2020, the 58th "Zhengde Forum" and "entrance Education Series Lecture —— Anti-epidemic thinking course ", sponsored by the Marxism College of Nanjing normal University, were successfully held in Xingmin Building 542, and all the freshmen of grade 2020 of our college were present to listen. At 10:00 in the morning, Professor Zhu Jidong, Deputy Director and Secretary General of the National Center for Cultural Security and ideological Construction of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave a lecture on the 58th issue of "Zhengde Forum ", presided over by teacher Li Qian, secretary of the Party Committee of our college. The theme is" the challenges to ideological security in the new era ".

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Zhu pointed out that the ideological field of our country before the 18th National Congress was extremely chaotic, and pointed out that the reason for this phenomenon was the attack, smear and even negation of Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong's thought in the early stage of reform and opening up. Therefore, he stressed that teachers and students must strengthen their political stand, consciously safeguard Comrade Mao Zedong's historical position, and consciously adhere to Mao Zedong's thought. Then, Professor Zhu elaborated on the challenges of ideological security in the new era from more than a dozen aspects, such as the infiltration of foreign forces, the weak ideological ability of party members and cadres, the slight disturbance of officials, religious infiltration, and the Party's eight shares, so that teachers and students here had a clearer understanding of the current situation in the ideological field of the new era. Finally, in view of how to deal with the above challenges and do ideological work well, Professor Zhu put forward his own opinion, that is ," stand and break at the same time, the combination of dredging and blocking ".

In this lecture, Professor Zhu from a realistic point of view, combined with the history of the party, the history of the country, with vivid language and rich cases, from a shallow to deep interpretation of the ideological field of the new era and our historical mission. At the same time, Professor Zhu also provides method guidance for future academic research of teachers and students, and helps to lead the students to climb the academic peak.

 At 14:00 p.m., Professor Zhu Xiaoling, Director of the Department of ideological and political Education of the Marxism College of Nanjing normal University and doctoral supervisor, gave a lecture on "A series of lectures on entrance education —— anti-epidemic thinking and politics ", which was presided over by Mr. Hong Guangdong, vice president of our college and master's supervisor.

First of all, Professor Zhu expressed his pride and pride in the stage victory of epidemic prevention and control work in our country. Secondly, Professor Zhu expounds the reasons for the disparity between China and the United States in the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control through the comparison of five aspects: the ruling concept, the national system, the attitude towards science and technology, the attitude of the people and the attitude of international cooperation against epidemic disease. Among them, Professor Zhu pointed out that the root cause of the outbreak in the United States is political. Finally, Professor Zhu pointed out that we should attach great importance to the experience and spirit of epidemic resistance in China, and encourage everyone to combine epidemic prevention and control with professional knowledge, and do more academic research while paying attention to the epidemic situation.

Professor Zhu Xiaoling closely around the theme of anti-epidemic, combined with his own personal experience, in-depth comparison of anti-epidemic actions and anti-epidemic results between China and the United States, so that teachers and students here have a deeper understanding of China's unity, science and commitment in the fight against the epidemic, a clearer understanding of the remarkable advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and a further clarification of the young students here on their responsibilities for the times and strive to be new people with ideals, skills and responsibilities.