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Academic Events

Professor's Lecture Hall | Professor Luoyuting of Wuhan University Visiting Professor's Lecture Hall

On the afternoon of May 22, 2019, the "Professor's Lecture Hall-Guide to Ideological and Political Education" sponsored by the Marxist College of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held at Minlou 542. The lecture was given by the deputy secretary of the party committee of Wuhan University, professor Luoyuting, the chief expert of the Central Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Project, and presided over by Liqianjin, Secretary of the Marxist Academy of Nanjing Normal University. All undergraduates of our college actively participated in the lecture and the atmosphere was active.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Luoyuting first introduced to the students present at the school that the Marxist College of Wuhan University has a long history, strong strength, and a large team. At the same time, Professor Luo also expressed his full recognition and eager expectation for the students of the Marxist Institute of Nanjing Normal University.

Professor Luo then began today's lecture on five aspects, including "doubts, rise, positioning, tasks, and inquiries in ideological and political pedagogy."

First of all, on the question of "ideological and political pedagogy," Professor Luo went from "The door is right, and the small door is wrong? "" Choose your own politics, what do you think politics do? "Looking for me to study politics, is it scientific? "" Did you study politics and have a future? The four aspects were elaborated separately. By combining theory with examples, they emphasized the importance of ideological and political education and affirmed the immeasurable future of its future.

Then, on the rise of ideological and political pedagogy, Prof. Luo used the clues of "germination, creation, upgrading, completeness, prosperity, and leadership" to spread the entire journey of ideological and political pedagogy before the eyes of the students. Let all people realize that the rise of ideological and political pedagogy is to meet the needs of reform and opening up, meet the needs of the basic line of the party, meet the needs of socialist modernization, and bathe the spring breeze of reform and opening up.

Secondly, the orientation of ideological and political pedagogy. Professor Luo set out from the "what kind of science is ideological and political pedagogy" and clarified the orientation of ideological and political pedagogy from the four points of "Chinese characteristic science," "emerging applied science," "casting soul education science," and "governing the party and ruling the country." It guides the development direction of "making yourself a useful person who is determined to strive for the socialist cause for life" that the country needs.

Then, in terms of the tasks of ideological and political pedagogy, the "research object" and "research task" are the basis points. The research on ideological and political pedagogy is about how it guides and influences the formation and development of people's thoughts and behaviors and the significant role played by ideological and political pedagogy in reforming the "subjective, objective and value world".

Then, in the search for ideological and political pedagogy, Professor Luo emphasized that in the path of ideological and political education, we must have the following six points in order to become outstanding talents and high-quality talents. Including "strengthening the foundation of theory," "deepening social practice," "basing on the frontier of the times," "focusing on the unity of knowledge and practice," "advocating teaching and learning," and "innovative learning methods." Professor Luo also encourages students to take the initiative to become the subject of learning and thinking, the subject of research and development, and become outstanding talents in this field, making their own contributions to the party's cause and realizing the new mission of the new era.

Finally, Liqianjin made a summary of the lecture. He highly praised Professor Luo's brilliant explanation. The whole report was full of passion and learning, and it was very helpful. The students also felt a lot in Professor Luo's humorous and vivid words. He deeply felt the charm of ideological and political pedagogy, and his interest and confidence in it continued to increase. At this point, the "Professor's Lecture Hall" was successfully completed.