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Academic Events

Qingxinzhixie One Point for Garbage, Beautiful Environment

On May 24, 2020, the sun was shining bright and the wind was beautiful. In order to make the public realize the importance of garbage classification for environmental protection, consciously establish the environmental protection concept of garbage classification, and put garbage classification into practice in daily life.Volunteers from Nanjing Normal University participated in a voluntary activity carried out in an online form-a series of "Environmental Protection" activities organized by Wufu Jiayuan and undertaken by the Youth Association of Nanxi Marxist College Youth Association. The theme of this event is "One point for garbage, a beautiful environment".

First, the event host introduced the theme of the event in the form of question and answer-by asking the event participants' attitude towards nature and known environmental protection measures, the event participants were guided to change their concepts, and the garbage classification related Propaganda and learning of knowledge.

The first link is to encourage children to try to sort some of the daily visible garbage. The children took the initiative to participate in the classification, and actively consulted the host teacher; the host teacher also guided the classification of four kinds of garbage with common examples. In the process of interaction, the children deepened their understanding of garbage classification.

The second link is to invite the participants to watch a video about the follow-up treatment of garbage classification, and then to let the children know in the form of question and answer that improper follow-up treatment of garbage may cause environmental hazards, so the garbage must be properly disposed of.

The last link is for the host to communicate with the children and share some methods of recyclable garbage reuse. For example, you can use waste paper to rebind into new books, and use waste fabric to make simple clothes. This increases the interest and consciousness of the participants of the event in garbage classification.

"Garbage sorting is easy, recycling is turning waste into treasure." Through the promotion, education and advocacy of garbage sorting, this activity not only helps children to realize the importance of garbage sorting for environmental protection; it also helps them to establish environmental protection concepts , And applied to life, practice environmental protection, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization.

Next, let’s take a look at the experience of two of the volunteers

This garbage sorting activity is actually not just a child's learning, I am also very productive, and it is also a "make-up class" of garbage sorting. Communicating with children is also very interesting. On the one hand, it can transfer positive energy and advocate environmental protection;On the other hand, he has exercised his expressive ability and mentality. Doing volunteering is helping others while helping others. ——Yan Runyan.

This volunteer activity is a very special experience. The first online volunteer activity was a bit awkward at first, but then everyone gradually got better.The kid was very cute and had many questions to ask the little teacher to take the innocence of that age. Although there is only one child, it is also a very happy thing to help her understand the knowledge. —— Gao Shanshan.