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Academic Events

The 48th "Zhengde Forum"

The 48th "Zhengde Forum", sponsored by the school of Marxism of Nanjing normal university, was successfully held on the afternoon of October 21, 2019 at 542 Changmin building. The theme of this lecture is "Marx's" people "and" social thought ", by the Marxist department of northeast normal university, professor, doctoral tutor professor Hai-bo Hu speaker, Nanjing normal university, dean of the school of Marxism, and doctoral tutor professor wang gang, our undergraduate and graduate students, and public management college students to be present to listen.

At the beginning of the lecture, professor wang gang made a brief introduction to professor Hu Haibo and gave him a warm welcome. Before the lecture, professor hu talked about his history with Nanjing and his impression of Nanjing, and put forward two requirements for students to learn Marxism: one is to be familiar with classical works, the other is to link the study of Marxism with their own learning experience and life experience, and turn it into their own knowledge. In the lecture, professor hu interpreted Marx's "human" and his "social" ideas from three aspects, including his own learning experience and experience, the Soviet union's misunderstanding of Marx's "human" and his "social" ideas.

First of all, professor hu has proved to the theme of the lecture, distinguish the thoughts of Marx's "people" and "social" and Marx about "human" and the "social" thought, Marx's "people" and "society" thought of the three are similar and not the same, and telling the students about their learning Marxist three life stages. He told the students a real truth with the ideological changes and learning experiences in various stages, that is, in China's national conditions, to study Marxism, we need to change the way of thinking, get rid of the influence of Soviet textbooks on our understanding of Marxism, and learn the classic Marxism and Chinese Marxism. Secondly, professor hu described the Soviet union's research process and misunderstanding of Marx's "human" and "social" problems. He pointed out that on the issue of "man", the Soviet union regarded man as an abstract concept and avoided talking about him. When it understood Marxism, it did not take human as the subject and the theoretical starting point and destination. On the issue of "society", the Soviet union understood the society as the entity and the opposite of nature, and further misunderstood human beings through the misunderstanding of the society, which seriously distorted the Marxist ideas about "human" and "society". Finally, professor hu focused on the content of Marx's thought of "human" and "society", pointing out that human is the subject of practice, the subject of ideological theory and the existence of practice and sociality. At the end of the lecture, professor hu interacted with the students present. Through interaction, professor hu further explained the Marxist theory of practice and Marx's discourse on human and social historical framework, which benefited the students present a lot.

In this lecture, professor hu impressed the students with his profound knowledge, personal experience and simple explanation. At the same time, he also inspired the students of our school to study the classic works and learn the Marxist theory, creating a positive academic atmosphere.