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Academic Events

The 57th Session of the Zhengde Forum

The 57th Session of the Zhengde Forum, sponsored by the School of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University, was successfully held at the Lecture Hall 542 of Xingmin Building at 2:00 PM on September 15, 2020. The theme of this lecture is "talk about the objectivity of MAO zedong's research, (the study of the history of the party)", marxism by xiangtan university college professor, doctoral supervisor, the Ministry of Education "cheung kong scholars" distinguished professor Li You xin teacher lecture, nanjing normal university, professor, school of marxism, teacher in charge of doctoral tutor Wang Yue, marxism school part of the teachers, graduate students, undergraduates to listen to the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Wang Yue made a brief introduction of Professor Li Youxin and his research results, and expressed his gratitude and welcome for his coming to zhengde Forum in our school. In the lecture, Professor Li Youxin stimulated the problem consciousness of all teachers and students from the origin of the research and evaluation of MAO Zedong's life and thoughts. At the same time, from the historical authenticity is the precondition of objective knowledge, real historical data must be from the concrete historical environment to understand, historical details is not equal to the truth of history as a whole, correctly grasp the essence of history and evaluation of the authenticity of the objectivity of the study of MAO zedong's historical position, MAO zedong values required by the five aspects of "MAO zedong studies how to achieve objectivity" the academic response to this question, detailed slightly proper, compelling.

First, professor li through examples on MAO zedong's life false historical stages each aspect, points out that MAO zedong's historical problems existing in the research, the main is divided into two aspects: one is deliberately fabricated false materials, the second is some researchers based on some literatures, concluded that some of the authenticity of the historical data, and in fact is false. Secondly, Professor Li argued that "historiography is not equal to the study of historical materials". He believed that the study of MAO Zedong should not only focus on searching historical materials, but should explain historical materials and historical facts. He pointed out that the historical words and actions should be understood in the specific historical environment, followed the basic principles of historical materialism, and the subjectivity and arbitrariness should be strictly prohibited. Then, professor li cited Hegel and Marx's classic discussion "of the history of the overall picture is equivalent to the sum of all of its components", put forward "left to the whole history and grasp the essential connotation, historical data contained details of the real meaning and show not to come out", to grasp the macro research object and essential historical facts are clear of MAO zedong's study. Later, Professor Li pointed out that from the historical materialist point of view, history is created by the people, and illustrated the importance of MAO Zedong Thought by the role of the people in the history of the Chinese nation. In the end, Professor Li emphasized that empirical history could not avoid the standpoint of value and should do research from the standpoint of the people in order to achieve the objectivity of understanding.At the end of the lecture, Professor Wang Yue explained the important position of MAO Zedong and MAO Zedong Thought study in the Sinicization of Marxism, and also spoke highly of Professor Li's solid academic foundation, rigorous thinking logic and profound theoretical attainments. In the end, Professor Wang Yue expressed his ardent hope for the students to do research in a down-to-earth way. The lecture ended successfully in a warm atmosphere.

This lecture opened up the theoretical and research horizons of all teachers and students, guided them to attach importance to history, draw lessons from history and study history, consciously guided their study with Marxist standpoint, viewpoint and method, cultivated strong problem consciousness and strict theoretical logic, and shone brilliantly on the academic stage.