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Academic Events

The discipline of marxist theory in our institute is among the best in the fourth round subject evaluation of the ministry of education.

In December 28, 2017, the Ministry of education degree and Graduate Education Development Center released the fourth round of disciplinary evaluation results. The Marx doctrine theory of our institute ranked the top in this round of disciplinary assessment.
  In the current round of discipline evaluation, Marx's theory of a total of 83 subjects with a doctorate granting 148 and has a masters degree granting colleges and universities participated in the assessment, a total of 231 participating universities, Nanjing Normal University Marx theory, ranked 5% (5), Nanjing Normal University (only got a Marx theory and education two of the subjects, Jiangsu is the only grade A) get a grade a discipline, in East China and Fudan University tied.
  The fourth round of disciplinary assessment was officially launched in April 22, 2016. It took more than a year and participated in 7449 disciplines in 513 units in the country. Unlike the first three rounds of discipline assessment, the fourth round of discipline assessment was the first to publish the assessment results by the way of "sub file". It did not publish scores or publish the ranking, but did not emphasize the difference between the fine scores between the units. According to the overall level of discipline score percentile ranking, the top 70% will be released for the ABC three subjects nine files: the top 10% in class A, of which the first 2% (or 2) is A+; 40% B, of which the first 10% ~ 20% B+. The same colleges and universities have the same evaluation results, which are arranged according to the school code.