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The Fifth Reading Conference | Reading classics and open the door to truth

On the afternoon of March 24, 2021, the fifth "Reading Conference" of Marxism college was successfully held at room 540 in Xingmin building. The theme of this issue is "selected readings of Lenin's works after the October Revolution", which is presided over by Mr. Wang Zhiqiang and evaluated by associate professors Xu Rong and Xu Qin of the College of Marxism. After the preliminary selection, Zhu Zhihua, Shen Jiayi, Zou Meng and Wang He served as the reporters of this "reading conference". Their reporting angles were diverse and their ideas were clear, which provided some inspiration and reference for nearly 40 students.


Zhu Zhihua elaborated the background, main content and theoretical significance of the "on the revolution of our country" and emphatically analyzed Lenin's specific application of "revolutionary dialectics", and deepened the understanding of "revolutionary dialectics" by all students.


Shen Jiayi first introduced the background of the writing of "on food tax". On this basis, the paper further discussed the necessity and importance of the industrial and agricultural union for Soviet Russia. She pointed out: "it is very important to guide the peasants to the socialist road in the period of building socialism."

Zou Meng reported from three aspects: the writing background, the main content and the value to China's current political system reform of "would rather be less, but better". She especially emphasized the importance of learning the experience of political system reform from "would rather be less, but better". Her report was clear in context and detailed in content, which fully reflected her deep thinking based on the text Process.

Wang He mainly grasped the main contents and ideological connotations of the "leftist" infantile disease in the Communist movement from four levels: theoretical logic, historical logic, problem logic and practical logic. At the same time, she fully analyzed the important remarks made by Comrade Mao Zedong, comrade Deng Xiaoping and general secretary Xi Jinping, and made a detailed analysis of the party discipline construction in the new era. The report focused on the dialogue between the ancient and the present, with a novel perspective and clear context.



Mrs. Xu Rong and Mrs. Xu Qin made detailed comments on the reports of the four students mentioned above. While expressing their affirmation, the two teachers also gave guidance on the two aspects of "text reading research" and "academic paper writing". The two teachers pointed out that the study of classical texts should fully respect history, restore history in a real and systematic way, and only grasp the historical context as a whole can we go into a certain stage of research. At the same time, students should pay attention to the logic of writing and the accuracy of academic terms. Scientific research should be studied with heart and thought with the brain.

Mr. Wang Zhiqiang summarized the "Reading Conference" and put forward some expectations. He said that pursuing rhetoric is not the future of the academic. As a graduate student, students should quietly read the original works and literature, and do real research activities.


This issue of "Reading Conference" is the first "Reading Conference" of the new semester. After the practice and experience of last semester, the series of activities of "reading meeting" are gradually becoming mature, the preparation process of the activities is smoother, and the students' enthusiasm for participation is further improved. This semester, the "reading conference" will continue to take "reading the original works, learning the original" as the basic method, and "understanding the principles" as the basic goal, so as to create a good academic atmosphere in the Institute of Marxism and improve the academic research ability of the students in the Institute of Marxism.



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Copywriter: Zhou Xiao

Photo: Liang Wanying

Editor: Liang Wanying

First trial: Tian Xiaoqing and Yang Chuanran

Audited by Li Yingqiu, Gu Shengting and Duan Xiaoqin