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Academic Events

The former President of marxism college of Beijing normal university professor wang yanyan was a guest at the 60th session of the forum

At 9:00 a.m. on October 19, 2020, the 60th "Zhengde forum" sponsored by the school of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in xingminlou 542. The theme of the lecture is "the historical logic of Marxism profoundly changing China's destiny". Professor Wang Shuyin, former president and doctoral supervisor of the school of Marxism of Beijing Normal University, and Wang Gang, President of the school of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University, attended the lecture.

In this lecture, Professor Wang Shuyin gave a logical explanation on "why China needs Marxism", "why Marxism needs to be sinicized" and "how Marxism is sinicized". First of all, around the question of "why does China need Marxism", Professor Wang Shuyin learned from "Except Marxism, other theories can not solve China's problems" and "Marxism is a science, which can solve China's problems". It emphasizes that "in the history of human thought, no theory can reach the height of Marxism in terms of scientificity, truth, influence and communication.". And from China's long-term revolution and practice process, it is confirmed that "the Chinese people choose Marxism is right". Secondly, Professor Wang Shuyin systematically analyzes the proposition why Marxism must be sinicized. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, Marx and Engels always pay attention to China, and have a clear judgment and cognition of the development of China at that time; second, Marxism can only play a guiding role in the process of sinicization; third, the Sinicization of Marxism produces Chinese Marxism.

Thirdly, Professor Wang Shuyin explained in detail the issue of "how to sinicize Marxism", that is, we should adhere to the basic principles of Marxism unswervingly; we should oppose all forms of dogmatism; we should take solving China's problems as the starting point and destination, and adhere to the principle of combining the basic principles of Marxism with the reality of Chinese revolution, construction and reform. Finally, Professor Wang Shuyin answered questions and doubts for the students of the horse Academy with his profound academic background and years of academic experience, which benefited every student on the spot. This lecture also ended in this warm and friendly atmosphere.

In this lecture, Professor Wang Shuyin brought an academic feast to the majority of students with clear historical logic, profound theoretical foundation and vivid language. At the same time, it also provides methodological guidance for the majority of students to further improve their scientific research and academic ability, and helps them to have a deeper grasp of the historical logic of Marxism profoundly changing China's destiny.