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Academic Events

The fourteenth "visual" forum of the Marx school is successful

 On the afternoon of December 23, 2017, the fourteenth phase of the "visual" forum was held successfully in Xing min building 524. This activity has been invited to the Vice Dean and doctoral tutor of Marx School of Tsinghua University. Professor Xiao Guiqing is the keynote speaker and is hosted by Wang Yonggui, Professor of Nanjing Normal University Marx school.
 The theme of this period is "a few questions about the scientific understanding of the nineteen spirit". Professor Xiao Guiqing from the following six aspects: one is the interpretation of the spirit of the nineteen party Chinese early heart and mission; two is Chinese socialism into a new era; the three is the principal contradiction of the primary stage of socialism has been changed; four is Chinese characteristic socialism Xi Jinping in the new era; the five is to open a new journey of all-round construction of a modern socialist country; six is to unswervingly push forward the new great project of Party building.When it comes to China communist party early heart and mission, Professor Xiao Guiqing stressed that the Communist Party China early heart and mission should include the communist ideal and mission; he believes that since eighteen, China has entered a new era of socialist China characteristics; entering into a new era, the main contradiction in China's social change, which determines the main task of our country has changed, the party's line, principles and policies change; in the new era of socialism China Xi Jinping talked about new ideas, he pointed out that the new thought is an important part of the theoretical system of socialism with China characteristics, and from two aspects of theory and practice in the interpretation of the nineteen report the "eight clear" and "Fourteen principles"; and continue to step by step introduced to open a new journey of all-round construction of socialism;. We must unswervingly promote the new great project of the party's construction.
  The interactive link between teachers and students next, the students were eager to speak, Professor Xiao Guiqing patiently for students' questions were answered in detail, and put forward some valuable suggestions to us, ask students to do academic to correct and accurate, and always adhere to the integrity and the expression of argument specification.Finally, Mr. Wang Yonggui summed up the activity from three aspects of the ideological level, the theoretical depth and the strength of learning. It is emphasized that we should know nineteen things at a certain height. When we learn the nineteen major reports, we need to excavate the nineteen major reports according to Xiao's suggestion, and emphasize that we should enhance our study and enhance our research through the combination of theory and practice.