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Academic Events

The Marxist College held a lecture on teachers' ethics

On November 18, 2020, the institute school invited virtue pacesetter title winner Sun Yingguang teacher in 524 min floor conference room for partial teachers "education hong tao and teachers cultivate one's morality" ethics theme strengthen education lectures.The horse all teachers attended the briefing session.The announcement shall be presided over by horse courtyard party secretary qian-jin li.

The construction of high-quality teachers determines the improvement of the quality of personnel training and the ability and level of running a university.Starting from the traditional Confucian culture, Teacher Sun Yingguang guided teachers to think about the basis and logic of education, and pointed out that teachers should constantly improve their own practice, and combine the moral and reasoning in educational practice.Through the "method of increasing knowledge" to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, through the "method of exalting ambition" to adhere to the original intention of educating people, experience the joy of Kong Yan in the education and teaching work, leave a mark in the growth process of students.

Afterwards, Professor Liu Yunlin commented on the lecture.Teacher Liu Yunlin pointed out that Confucian culture has many inspirations for teachers and Taoism. In the promotion of teachers and Taoism, it is necessary to constantly excavate excellent traditional cultural resources and make good use of them by keeping pace with The Times and combining with the new era and new environment.In the end, Secretary Li Qianjin made a summary, pointing out that this lecture was not only a preaching of teachers' morality, but also a wonderful academic report. In the future, the college will continue to carry out the preaching activity of teachers' morality, play an exemplary role and strengthen the construction of good teachers' morality.