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Academic Events

The national backbone Ideological and political Work Demonstration Training Class Group seminar was held in our college

The 287 national Backbone Demonstration Training Course of Ideological and political Work and the National Party Building organization Training Course of higher education institutions were held in our university.This training is sponsored by the Department of Ideological and Political Work of the Ministry of Education and undertaken by the Research and training Center for Ideological and political Work Teams of Colleges and universities (Nanjing Normal University).A total of 192 universities and 203 Party building organizers from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps participated in the training.

According to the difficulties and pain points encountered in the work of party building organizers in colleges and universities, relevant topics were selected and group discussions were carried out.On the afternoon of November 24, 2020, the fourth group seminar of the training class was held in room 540, Xingmin Building, Our college.Convener of the party committee organization department, anhui university place class ZuZhiYuan he ping chaired the meeting, our organs and directly affiliated institutions of the party committee secretary Song Yi act as liaison with our party secretary qian-jin li as expert guidance sessions, college party committee secretary Zhou Lian fang teacher and party ZuZhiYuan some universities from across the country attended the seminar.

At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Li Qianjin expressed a warm welcome to the participants and briefly introduced the basic situation of Marxism College. He hoped that everyone would speak up and jointly explore ways and means to promote the quality and efficiency of party building in colleges and universities through full exchanges and mutual learning.

In the discussion section, party building organizers of various colleges and universities discussed the theme of "Internet + Party building work mode Innovation and practice", combined with the situation of their own schools, respectively introduced the relevant work of their colleges and universities, Shared their own party building characteristics and work experience, and put forward Suggestions and ideas on the problems existing in the work process.The participants held discussions and in-depth exchanges, and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

Secretary Li Qianjin finally made a simple summary, he thinks this discussion exchange is very meaningful, party building colleagues introduce the practice, share experience, analysis of problems, looking for countermeasures, we learn from each other, discuss together, put forward a lot of constructive opinions and Suggestions for the party building work in colleges and universities.He hopes to strengthen contacts in the future, have more opportunities to have in-depth exchanges with you, and make use of the good learning and exchange platform set up by the University ideological and political work Team Research Center (Nanjing Normal University) to make due contributions to the continuous improvement of the quality of party building at the grassroots level in universities across the country.