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Academic Events

The Online Lesson Preparation of Basic Principles Teaching and Research Section of Marxism in the Second Term 2020-2021

On the eve of the spring semester of 2021, in response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements,The basic principles teaching and research section of Marxism held an online preparatory meeting on 28 February.Many teachers and part-time teachers took an active part in the meeting include three subdecanal of College of Marxism Tang jianlong Hong Guangdong Wangyan and professor Wang Yonggui Yang Haizheng Xing Xiaohong Zhang zhixing Ding nianseng Xu rong Zhang chunhua Xuqin Feng qian Lu yuan and so on .Head of the Teaching and Research Section Xu qin first reported in detail the teaching arrangement, teaching content and examination method of the course "introduction to the basic principles of Marxism" in the spring of 2021, and reminded the teachers to integrate the spirit of the Fifth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the latest spirit of the CPC Central Committee into the special teaching according to the requirements of the college.Subsequently, Tang Jianlong, who was in charge of ideological and political teaching, made further additions to the examination and teaching materials.Teacher Wang Yonggui, a senior professor of the Yangtze River scholar and the basic principles of Marxism in the Ministry of Education, is concerned about young teachers and based on the requirements of good good ideological course. To be able to accurately grasp the content of theory and practice, to be good at grasping the rhythm of class, to actively learn from experienced teachers.

 Assessor:Tang Jianlong and Xu Qin