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Academic Events

The School of Marxism Successfully Organized the Workshop for New Teachers and Masters

On May 18, 2020, the School of Marxism held a workshop for new teachers in the conference room 524, Xingmin Building. Present at the event were the supervisors Professor Sun Jianshe, Professor Tang Jianlong, the young teacher tutor Professor Wang Gang, Professor Wang Yue, the teaching office Teacher Li Min, and the young teachers Xu Yaqing and Xu Tianna.

This activity adopts the way of young teachers summarizing teaching and scientific research situation, teaching trial, expert comments, to test the new teachers' teaching growth and scientific research ability in the past year.

First of all, xu Yaqing, a new young teacher, introduced the teaching tasks and teaching situation in the past year, summarized the learning experience from the tutor in the past year, and published six scientific and academic articles. In the course trial lecture, the topic of Teacher Xu Yaqing's trial lecture is "Eighty Years of Changeable Situation". Teacher Xu took the holistic approach first and then the partial approach. He first analyzed the logical connections and content points among each chapter from the whole catalog, and then carried out conceptual analysis one by one. Through specific examples, he vividly presented the changeable eighty years in front of students.

Xu Tianna, the second young new teacher, introduced the harvest of one year's teaching and research in detail from four aspects: teaching situation, teaching assistant situation, scientific research situation and experience of teaching and research camp, and gave a trial lecture on the topic "From the New Cultural Movement to the Historical Logic of the Founding of the Communist Party of China". In the way of asking questions first, then learning and then answering questions, Teacher Xu introduced the topic with the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, then raised multiple questions to arouse students' thinking, and conducted in-depth analysis on each question for teaching.

After the two young teachers finished the report, the experts on the scene made comments. Professor Wang Yue first affirmed the teaching and research achievements of the two young teachers, and then proposed to strengthen the study of professional terms and teaching logic, teaching form and other requirements. Professor Wang Gang puts forward the standard for new teachers from the aspects of "standing on the platform", "how to stand on the platform" and personal promotion, and requires new teachers to take textbooks as the basis and strictly observe the teaching requirements, so as to realize the transformation of "teaching material system to teaching system, teaching system to knowledge system, and knowledge system to students' belief system". Professor Tang Jianlong proposed that the logic of new teachers should be strengthened. Professor Sun Jianshe also Shared his own experience, so that new teachers could understand students' existing knowledge system, make clear the positioning and theme of topics in the whole teaching material system, and strengthen the choice of logical clues.