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Academic Events

The second "Half-Moon" reading session has been held successfully


    On the evening of April 12th, the second reading session of the "half moon reading" of the Marxist Academy was successfully held at the Xing Min building 536. The guests invited by this event are Zhang Zhidan, Vice Dean of the School of Marxism and  Wang Yan,the teacher of our institute. The speaker are the graduate students of the Marxist Academy named Bi Yange and Wang Jicheng . The content of this event is  E · Fromm, Marx on the concept of human and "to defend Marx" in the young Marx, Marxism and humanitarian related content in the book "The Western Scholar Theory of Economics and Philosophy in 1844" .
    After the show given by the two students,teachers commented on their point of view.Firstly,professor Zhang zhidan and Wang Yan all respectively praised the two presidents.In addition, Wang Yan also warned the students to use Marxist views and methodology to understand the humanitarian.she refused to abstractly talk about Marx's humanitarianism, and we should use a rational attitude to talk about humanitarianism.Followed by Wang's comment,professor Zhang Zhidan  give full recognition for the two spakers' good preparation,and he hoped that after the reading would continue to carry forward this spirit of excellence.Finally, Professor Zhang  encouraged everyone in the academic road to continue to develop forward. And the students all earned a lot of harvest.