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Academic Events

The second lecture of Marxist College "Professor Lecture Hall" ended

On the afternoon of April 26th, Professor Guan Xinhua, director of the Department of 

Marxism, hold the second lecture of "Professor Lecture Hall" around the topic of "The 

Communist Party of China's "Three Rural Policy" and the Changes of China's Rural Areas 

since the 20th Century. Tang Jianlong, vice president and the basic issues of Chinese 

modern history teaching and research department director Zhai Hongfeng and students all 

came to "listen". The lecture attracted a lot of students and they were ready to receive 

the  full of "dry goods."
  The lecturer gave us some insights on the "three rural" policies of the Chinese Communist 

Party and the changes in rural China since the 20th century. He started from the 

contemporary rural life in some interesting phenomena , and took the students into the 

rural real estate in China, and gradually talk in-depth with some new popular saying and 

contact professional knowledge, so that students could deeply understand the "three rural" 

problem Complexity. On this basis, he talked in a historical logical way combined with 

examples and social phenomena on the "three rural" policy. Supplemented by a clear PPT, 

made students deeply understand the "three rural" policy adjustment and the relationship 

between China's social development. Students heard very seriously, and actively participate 

in the development of China's rural areas of thinking.
  In Q & A interactive links, the students asked the teacher a lot of their own side of the 

"three rural" problem, the teacher gave detailed interpretation one by one. We are very 

grateful to the teacher to bring about the "three rural" policy wonderful interpretation 

for us, I believe there will be more exciting content in the coming lecture. Please look