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Academic Events

The Seminar on "Situation and Policy" was held in our school

In order to further strengthen our school "situation and policy" course construction,in the afternoon of October 19, our school  the first semester (2016-2017) of "situation and policy" lesson preparation seminar was held in Xianlin campus ,Xingmin floor 524 . The leading group leader of students situation and policy education in university, school party secretary Wang Jian attended, school of Marxism Studies , student work (department) responsible person, and undertake the task of teaching the task, part-time teachers more than thirty people participated attend this seminar.


The leading group of college students situation and policy education attaches great importance to and take the correct guidance of students situation and policy education in university., our curriculum construction has made gratifying achievements .The current situation and policy classes include one ministry of Education Situation and Policy Teaching Steering Committee ,  one of the theory of experts in the first batch of experts in Jiangsu Province , one of the school-level teaching innovation team, three of thepublishing research teaching materials , assume 7 scientific research projects, project-level key teaching materials 1, published 8 research papers, won the provincial and ministerial level above 2 awards. The purpose of this symposium is to widen the thinking of curriculum construction, to standardize the construction and management of curriculum and to promote the development of the situation and policy curriculum by strengthening the learning and communication of teachers.

The meeting was presided over by Li Li, the deputy head of the Leading Group for Situation and Policy Education and the director of the Student Affairs Office (Department). Wang Yue, dean of the Marxist Academy, made a clear exposition on the curriculum orientation and requirements of the situation and policy course. He reviewed the development course of the situation and policy curriculum, gave full affirmation to the course development, stressed the full use of the situation and policy curriculum platform, and guided students to correctly understand the current situation at home and abroad. Li Li pointed out that the situation and policy teachers should be the course of teaching and ideological and political education closely integrated, focusing on implementation, to seize the students concerned about the hot and difficult, to guide students in the ideological education to play a more effective role.

In his speech, Wang fully affirmed the achievements in the course of situation and policy. He stressed that the situation and policy course should be an indispensable course for strengthening the ideological and political education of college students, and it must highlight the characteristics of politics, timeliness and effectiveness. So that students can strengthen their conviction ,update new theory infomation through learning exchange, establish the correct cognitive concepts, apply their knowledge. As an important channel for ideological and political education in our university, Wang Jian urged the teachers in the situation and policy course to think extensively about the major, strengthen their own learning and improvement, strengthen the combination of theory and practice, and make more efforts in the form of education, curriculum content and practical effect. And actively explore, making it a true love for college students and life-long benefit of the quality courses. (Student Affairs Department, Marxist College co-feed)