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Academic Events

The sharing of the employment experience of the outstanding graduates of Marx's college will be successful

 On the morning of December 10th, the employment experience sharing of the outstanding graduates of Marx's college was held in 524. This share will be invited to the Jiangsu University Institute of Finance and economics, Nanjing senior counselor Wang Yanhui Tin Ka Ping senior high school politics teacher Zhu Benxia and sister Marx Institute of Nanjing Normal University doctoral student in the world to share experience with cable handsome sister sentiment seeking employment for us, who actively participated in the meeting to share the experience of graduate students.
  The first to share is Wang Yanhui's sister. As an inaugural counselor, Wang Yanhui's elder sister mainly shared some of the attentions of the counselors for the recruitment examination and the understanding of her work. Recruitment examination in the counselor, she pointed out that pay particular attention to the acquisition of information, such as colleges and universities pay more attention to talent network, Jiangsu personnel test information network website, timely search and capture useful information on their own; the examination content, Wang Yanhui sister suggested that we should focus on the main aspects of politics and practice the theory of policy documents, and counselors work. She suggested that we should pay attention to academic research and lay a good foundation for future development. When talking about my own feelings, Wang Yanhui said, as a counselor, all kinds of specific problems and problems will happen. We must cultivate our comprehensive ability, especially the ability to respond. Finally, Wang Yanhui's elder sister suggested that students who have intention to take a counselor's advice must be fully prepared, targeted, learn to share information with classmates, and have confidence in themselves.
  The next one is Zhu Benxia's sister. She shared the related experience mainly from three aspects of written examination, interview and some thoughts after being a teacher. Written, Zhu Benxia suggested that we should carry on the teaching design and practice, consciously cultivate their ability to grasp the classroom; that she is in the teachers' pro forma, compared to the north of the school, pay more attention to the study of comprehensive knowledge, the south school emphasizes the use of professional knowledge, and remind us to clear objectives, targeted in the pro forma when in the interview, Zhu Benxia; she stressed that we must pay attention to details, pay attention to their appearance, to the invigilator to leave a good first impression is very important. Finally, the school sister has shared some experience and methods with the students with his own experience.
  The last thing to share is the Suo Shi Shuo sister. Cable world handsome sister to "Q" in the form of sharing some experience about Kaobo to us. She pointed out that Cobb is not only for the higher degree of the pursuit, is to choose a different way of life. It reminds us that we must choose carefully, but once we make a choice, we must be firm enough. In the humorous and humorous language, we should prepare for the preparation for Ph.D., and put forward some suggestions on how to deal with the problems encountered during the preparation period.
  The following is the interaction of the audience and the sharing, and the three outstanding graduates respond patiently to some of the questions that the audience has put forward. At this sharing conference, three school elder sisters gave us valuable suggestions. We suggested that we should make full use of resources and point out that direction is more important than effort.
  This share will be in a lively exchange and discussion came to an end. The students have expressed that this is a highly targeted sharing conference, which has benefited greatly, and made the expectation that we will get the suggestions we will get from this sharing session to our future life.