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Academic Events

The third issue of the reading meeting was held at the meeting of "reading articles" and tasting the truth and sweetness

On the evening of December 11, 2020, the third "reading meeting" of Marxism College of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in xingminlou 540. The theme of the "reading conference" is "to judge the classics with wisdom, and to advocate the clearness in argumentation". It is presided over by Mr. Wang Zhiqiang, School of Marxism, Nanjing Normal University. Qiao Lei, a doctoral student of the school of Marxism of central China Normal University, is the reader. Mr. Hong Guangdong, vice president of the school of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University, serves as the judge.

At the beginning of the activity, Qiao Lei, a doctoral student in the school of Marxism of central China Normal University, read Louis Bonaparte's 18th foggy month. He pointed out that when reading the original work, we should have a correct attitude and pay attention to the preface. At the same time, we should grasp the main line of the original work and appreciate the real intention of the author. In addition, he stressed that studying the original works helps us to understand the basic principles of Marxism, break away from the isolated knowledge system brought by traditional textbooks, and deeply grasp the development of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Presentation of reporter's style

01 2019 master's degree Yan Runzhi -- "the French Civil War"

Yan Runzhi first introduced the writing background of the French civil war. Then, taking "the falsity and reactiveness of the bourgeois political superstructure" as the breakthrough point, he demonstrated the hypocrisy and deception brought by "bourgeois parliamentary election", "the construction of cheap government" and "some public servants replacing the masters of society", and emphasized that "the state should return its power to the society, and it is true that the state should return its power to the society The importance of establishing the dominant position of the people. Finally, Yan Runzhi returned to the text and further summarized the new social form and his innovative theory described by Marx in the French civil war.

02 Duan Mengyuan, 2019 master's student

Duan Mengyuan first shared his opportunity to read Louis Bonaparte's 18th foggy month. Then, this paper summarizes the contents of the book in three periods, namely, the period of February, the period of the establishment of the Republic and the parliament of the constituent state, and the period of the constitutional republic and the legislative national assembly.

03 Li Xinwei, a 2019 graduate student

Guided by problems, Li Xinwei deeply analyzed the writing motivation of anti Turing theory, and read the first and second chapters of the book of socialism. He grasped the ideological essence of the book in two aspects: "demonstrating the inevitability of socialism from Utopia to science" and "enriching the basic viewpoints of scientific socialism", thus revealing the anti Turing theory“ After a hundred years but not decline, through thousands of hammer and new "value.

04 Wu Na, a master's student in 2020 -- Ludwig Feuerbach and the end of German classical philosophy

Based on her own understanding of Ludwig Feuerbach and the end of German classical philosophy, Wu Na made a logical summary of the article structure and research focus of the book. In her opinion, the first chapter focuses on the "reasonable core", "internal contradiction" and "the inevitability of the disintegration of the school" of Hegel's philosophy; the second chapter focuses on the three aspects of "the basic core of Feuerbach's materialism", "the limitation" and "the criticism of shidak's wrong standard". She pointed out that in order to realize the "two centenary" goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China must constantly absorb the wisdom of Marxist philosophy and consciously apply the practical viewpoint to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

After that, Mr. Hong Guangdong made a professional and detailed comment on the speeches of the four reporters based on his own academic and reading experience. He pointed out that reading the original should, on the one hand, summarize the mainstream and grasp the essence of the original; on the other hand, it should analyze the tributaries, so as to refine the original research ideas. In addition, taking the French civil war as an example, Mr. Hong Guangdong summed up his mainstream thoughts from four aspects of "smashing the old state machine", "the historical position of the proletariat", "the alliance of workers and peasants" and "International Union", and combined with the academic frontier trends, inspired the students to strengthen their awareness of problems and look at the development of socialist thought from a historical perspective.

In this "reading" agreement, students communicate with each other and interact with each other in a friendly way; teachers give careful guidance and guidance, and both teachers and students enjoy it and taste the truth together. Reading the original, learning the original, understanding the principle, we will never stop.